Xiaomi MiBand - Pendant

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Intro: Xiaomi MiBand - Pendant

I find this Xiaomi MiBand a useful gadget. And wore it happily until the rubber bracelet started to crack, then finally broke.

I carried it in my pocket for few weeks, but I worried constantly of loosing it. Then I put it in my drawer, and went to Ali to order a spare bracelet. I waited for several weeks, and finally got refund, as nothing arrived. I went to local Gumtree/Ebay/etc to find someone who lost the gadget, but sells the bracelet. I found some, but they asked a silly price, so I put this aside. Second try on Ali, waited for several weeks again, and finally it arrived. Unfortunately the envelope contained earphones instead of spare bracelet for my Xiaomi Mi Band. Aaarggghh.

I took the things in my hand, and looked around at home. Then I started to fidget with a thin nylon cord and this came out.

Materials, tools:

  • Thin nylon cord in length of 75 - 100 cm (30 - 40 in), diameter is about 1mm, but anything that fits into the hollow around the edge of silver top of your MiBand. Please choose your cord wisely. For your safety do not use a cord around your neck what you are not able to tear.

  • Matches, lighter

  • Scissors

Step 1: Tying Around

Find the middle of your cord. Sit your MiBand into it (see the hollow around the edge of silver top).

Make a simple knot around the body, and sit the cord into the hollow.

Make another simple knot around the body, but with the another end of the cord. Sit the cord into the hollow.

Adjust and tighten the cord around the body and sit it in the hollow.


This knot is called fisherman's eye.

Step 2: Finishing

If the cord is tight finish it by two simple knots.

Take care of sitting the cord tightly in the hollow around the edge.

Step 3: Closing the Loose Ends

Find the loose ends of your cord. Find the preferred length, and cut them to size.

Close the loose ends with a fisherman's knot.

Cut and melt the poking ends.

Step 4: How It Works

I wore this MiBand pendant in the last two months without problems.

When it needed a charging, I just untied the knots and tied back in few minutes when it finished.

When I wore my MiBand as bracelet, I found some case when it counted some steps when I was standing, but used my hands frequently. As pendant it provides more precise data (I believe so).


Please choose your cord wisely. For your safety do not use a cord around your neck what you are not able to tear.



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