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OK...lets start again
Things you can do with old broken stuff.
I had an old tube form a neon lamp (PC decorative neon lamp). Enough time I was thinking what to do with this. And coming Christmas spirit brought me an excellent idea. I will use the old tube as a X'mas decorative using some bright red LEDs.

If you want to use as many you want leds then you have to connect them in parallel and not in series. I try it in breadboard and i found that you can use up to 30! leds in parallel and charging only with 2,5-3 Volts

I used only 7 LEDs but the principle its the same.


available tube but if not availble use a piece of white clear hose.
7-10 LEDs any color u want
2 cables equal size one for + and one for -
a cable stripper
a solder gun
2 button batteries any size
some time
Xmas mood..:))

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Step 1: How We Do It

Take the two cables and try with a cable stripper to cut the plastic cover of the cable in equal distances (it's up to how many Leds u will use). Try to do equal cuts in every cable like the pic below

After that step solder every LED in the specific cuts just beware the positive and the negative pole of every LED

The result will be like that in image below. We have two cables connected with Leds and one dead end which is uselles and just we leave it like it is (or make a knobe among them) and one other end which is the + cable and - cable.

SOS>>>After you finished the soldering work check every connection for conflict which results loss of power.>>>

Step 2: Encapsulation Step

Ok, now the hard stuff. We will try to fit the led and wires construction to the apropriate tube, BUT trying to avoid any conflight or jumper with the cables.
You have to fit this constructions of LEDs and cables inside the tube. This specific tube I use is too tight and the first 2-3 Leds coming easy but after that you mayn need some extra tricks. An idea is to pull the cable from the other open end of the tube. For this reason i cuted out the blind end of the tube. Ofcourse if you use any other hose you not meet this trouble.So now you can put a wire or a cable to pull the Led construction from the dead end towards into the tube like the schematics

Now the construction is in its place. All you need now are two small button batteries (any type of 1,5V)The 2 batteries will last for a week!

Its beautiful Christmas ornament and my cat is trying to catch it!!!

I wish from my heart to all instructable members Merry Christmas and the Joy of X'mas last for always in your hearts.

PS don't forget to rate me for the Xmas Homemade decorative contest ok?

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    I'd like to ask that how do you insert the parallel set of LEDs into the tube without breaking the connection?

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    agis68Chui Lerhern

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    the LEDs were close enough each other and the leads was cutten short enough so after the soldering was the whole thing like one mass. Also helped a long solid strong wire (not flexible) to fit the LEDs inside the tube....and it takes a while to fix it.


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    I am new to working with LEDs so this will be a fun project and help me to start learning about LEDs. I am too late for Christmas but I can get a jump on next year. Thanks for the instructable :-).

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