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Part two of my Storm Cosplay costume is the leggings which have the appearance of thigh high boots.

What you need for this project:

Black stretch/shiny fabric

Gold stretch/shiny fabric


Sewing machine

Needle & thread


Marking chalk

A pair of leggings for reference

Step 1: Measure the Fabric Using Leggings

I was not sure how best to measure and cut these so I used a pair of leggings for reference.

I measured the leggings on myself check the length and the width and then placed it over the material

Step 2: Cut the Fabric

Trim and cut the fabric according to the leggings.

Fold the long piece over the legging so that you can get one continuous piece which you will only have to do one stitch down.

Make sure to cut the top in a sort of triangle so that it point sits over the tops of your thighs.

Cut two out like this - one for each leg.

Step 3: Measure and Cut the Gold Fabric

Because I don't have proper measuring and cutting tools, I opted for the easy way to cut this.

I folded the gold fabric upon itself and measured 6cm and then cut this.

When I unfolded it, the fabric was a little uneven so I went back and trimmed it a little

Step 4: Cut the Gold Into Four Pieces

The gold now needs to be cut into four strips to line the top of the boot

Straighten any edges that may be uneven

Step 5: Cut a Piece of Soft Card

Cut a triangle out of soft cardboard or folded sticky note

This is to go underneath the gold so that there is a sharp point on the fronts of the boots

A sewing machine can generally go through paper but mine was a little troublesome, so I did it by hand.

Match the edges of the gold to go over the triangle and sew

Step 6: Pin the Gold On

Line the top of the boots/leggings with the gold and pin all along.

if you have excess at the back, that is fine because you can just pop a hem in and tie it up at the back

Sew this on with a machine

Step 7: Pin the Legging

Take the fabric and put it on your leg

Turn it inside out and turn it around so that the excess ribbon can tie around the front of your thigh.

Underneath should be the excess, remaining fabric

Pull it all together and begin to pin it down your leg

Watch where you put the pins and try to tailor it to your leg, that way you will get a better fitting legging

Once it is pinned, take it off carefully

Step 8: Sew It

Sew a hem in the bottom.

Depending on the length of the legging (mine was a little long which was fine) if it is a little longer, it means that you can leave the very bottom unsewn for about 5cm so that it can drape over the front of your shoe

Then begin sewing all the way up and you are done

Step 9: Finish

Try them on and adjust anything you might need to and that's it!

For a full video, you can check out my Youtube video below



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    1 year ago

    Your puns aren't lightning the mood.
    In fact they are tidally raining on my parade

    1 reply

    1 year ago

    If I make these, should I wear them with thunderwear?

    Nice work :)

    4 replies

    Reply 1 year ago

    Damn that was sharp!
    I've spent like five minutes just staring out the window,trying to come up with another pun but I just can't do it.
    I've been out punned.


    Reply 1 year ago

    Seems like you mist your mark.

    Please don't give me hail for these puns.


    Reply 1 year ago

    I'm having a hardt time trying to figure out if my response even came through

    I had all the best puns (two) and it was fabulous.


    Reply 1 year ago


    It's been half a day and I STILL can't think of a funny pun to respond with.

    You win this round...


    1 year ago

    These look great, I was only saying to a friend about her possible ComicCon costume as an Xman / Xwoman.

    She will be thrilled with this idea

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    Thank you so much!

    Even on my short little legs they worked out!

    Let your friend know to stay turned - I have a few more components of the complete costume that I will be posting soon along with the Youtube video tutorials!!!! :)