Xtremely Easy to Build Paper Airplane

Introduction: Xtremely Easy to Build Paper Airplane

The only thing you need for this paper airplane is a rectangular piece of paper and your hand, however small they are. It would also be helpful if you used a hard surface for this. This paper airplane that I made was mad from some small notepad paper but you can use any rectangular piece of paper.

Step 1: Folding Part 1

Fold the paper hot dog style(right to left or left to right). Make a crease. Open the fold and take the left corner and fold it to the center. Then do the other side. Then fold the top part down like shown in the pictures above.

Step 2: Folding Part 2

Fold the two corners in but unlike what was done before. This time just fold the corners in and not the whole top part. As shown in the first picture. Then fold in the little flap over the two corners. Now fold it in half so that the flap you just folded is on the outside not the inside.

Step 3: The Wings And… Done!!

Lay it flat and fold one side down. It should be parallel to the bottom of the airplane. Do this for the other side also. Now you can add any illustrations or colors, go outside and fly it. This plane works well inside the house too.

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