Xubuntu 13.04 - GNOME 2 Mimic

Introduction: Xubuntu 13.04 - GNOME 2 Mimic

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Here's screenshots of my current Xubuntu setup. 

How I got it to look like GNOME 2 is first I started with a stock Xubuntu desktop after a clean install, then I removed the stock bottom panel, replaced it with an empty panel, moved the Window List and Workspace Switcher to the bottom panel, separated them, added a Show Desktop and Trash button to the bottom panel, and then installed the Places menu plugin, and for the for the faux System menu, I created a launcher and pointed it at the System Settings, and then set it to show the label instead of the icon, and renamed it "System," in addition, I set the Applications Menu to show the label, and relabeled it "Applications."

Also, resized the panels to where they're more proportionate in size to the GNOME 2/MATE panels.

In addition, the interface theme that's currently in use is DarkCold window theme, and Azenis icons, in addition, I also changed the actions menu to show just a shutdown button instead of a menu, makes the desktop look less cluttered, and less like Xubuntu/Xfce, and more like the old GNOME, in addition, got compositing going on it. Also, I included snapshots of my VLC EQ settings.

UPDATE: I switched to Fedora last month, and I'm currently using the same interface theme in Fedora that I did in Xubuntu, however I am using a different wallpaper.



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    Hello. Where did you download "Places menu plugin" ? Please write me to elucyuk@gmail.com

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    I sent you the e-Mail, it's titled, "About the Xfce Places menu plugin." Also, the Places menu should already be installed if this is the Xubuntu desktop.