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Our Family Yoshi Sweatshirts!

Step 1: NEEDS

Things you will need
Sweatshirt - color of your choice
1 1/2 yards of white fuzzy fabric - for belling ears, back and eyes
1/2 yard of Pink (or any color you choose) - for eyes and nose
1 yard of red felt - for spikes and circle on back
a small square of black fabric for eyes
1/2 yard of red fleece - for a scarf

Sewing machine
chalk for marking the fabric
Foam - to shape the eyes


This is the pattern you will use for the nose. This will help with the curve of the nose.
1. Cut each triangle, match up edges, and sew them.
2. Cut curves, and pin them back to get there and sew. This will complete the curve you want for the nose.
3 Center the nose fabric with the rim of the hood. use the one of the triangles to help center the nose.
4. Pin about 3 inches on each side from the center point on nose under the hood and sew.
5. Fold the rest of the fabric on top of the hood. use a little bit of stuffing to help start the shape. Pin About 3 inches from the rim of the hood, at a small angle and sew from the inside. (the angle will help not give it such a square look.)
6. Stuff the rest of the nose, and sew it close.

1. Cut 2, 6 inches circles, place them on sides of hood. Pin them and sew. leave about 1 inch open to add a little stuffing in the cheeks.
2. Close it up

Step 3: BACK

1. Cut one big white circle, about 14 inches (this will change depend on size of sweatshirt.)
2. Cut one red circle, about 9 inches
3.Place white circle on back of sweatshirt, and fold 2 sides in about 2 inches. Pin and sew all the way around.
4. Place red circle on top of white circle, fold in 2 sides about 1 inch on pin, and sew most of circle leaving about a 3 inch gap. use a little stuff, to give it a bubble, and the close it up.

Step 4: BELLY

1. Place white fabric on top of sweatshirt, and trace an egg like shape.
2. Cute the shape out, and pin to sweatshirt.
3. Sew to jacket.

Step 5: EYES

1. Cut your foam in 2 rectangles.
2. Shape each rectangle. Round the sides and top. It doesn't have to be perfect, because the fabric going over it, will be tight and will smooth the edges out. your eyes should be about 5 inches.
3. place the rounded foam pieces on top of pink fabric and trace an out line of them, adding an inch.
4. sew fabric together
5. put foam in fabric.
You will have to play with the foam in the fabric for a little bit, to get them in just the right place.
6. Cut two 6 inch by 3 inch ovals. center them on fabric, pin, and sew. this part you will have to do by hand.
7. Cut two, 3 inch, by 2 inch of black fabric for eyes.
8. Center them on white fabric, pin, and sew.

1. Center the eyes behind the nose. It helps if you try on the hood, and stand in front of mirror, to help you position them right.
2. Fold the extra fabric under the eyes, and pin them down.
3. Use CLEAR thread to sew the eyes down.
I think sewing the eyes down by hand makes it look better, because you want see a seem all the way around the eyes.

Step 6: SPIKES

1. Cut three 6inch by 6 inch squares.
2. Match one corner to it's opposite corner, and cut in half, so you will have 2 triangles.
you will have a total of 6 triangles.
3. sew 2 triangles together, leaving about a 2 inch gap, so you can turn it in-side-out.
4. Stuff all 3 triangles with stuffing
5. Attach to back of jacket, centering them with the middle of the eyes.
6. Sew by hand from the inside of Sweatshirt.

A boy Yoshi, has more sharp spikes. A Girl Yoshi and more rounded spikes.

Step 7: Finnish!

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    I made this for my son for Halloween. Thanks for the inspiration! I linked to your post on my blog (pictures included if you're interested):

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    Pretty cool man! Gotta sew one myself!

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    Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween contest!!! Can’t wait to see if you win! Good luck!

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    thanks for the comments we wanted to make something fun and easy for anyone to make.

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