Y'all Ready for a Homemade DOUBLE OCARINA?!




About: YO!!!! wazzahp? *shakes hands with you* if you have a GameFAQs acoount, u may know me as, THE 1, THE ONLY, ShaperXCreature! (sum1 else) OK, i have been wondering, WHY the HECK did u make ur username what u m...

that. IS. COOOOOOOORRECT!!!!!!!!!! i have made, DRUMROLL PLEASE!!! a DOUBLE OCARINA by myself!!! it is a white tenor double with engravings on it. Nooo, i did NOT use porcelain. i used crayola air-dry. time for the pics. SH'BOOM-BAM-BIZZLE!!!

EXTREMELEY IMPORTANT UPDATES!!!!!! this ocarina is gone with the wind!!! i dropped it and both chambers shattered. yes. SHATTERED!!!!!!!  SO STOP ASKING FOR A PERFORMANCE!!!



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Hey buddy, good try! Now, go and get some clay from the clay guild in your town, and make a new one. Ask one of the members to fire it for you...cost, maybe 3 bucks for the first fire. Cost for the clay, same as your crayola air dry. Now, since you are interested in making an instrument, don't give up just cause it breaks, K? I carve native american flutes, and I know the process can be rather long at times, (like up to 60 hours in creating ONE) BUT WORTH it! This will take you no time at all, since you already made one model, and you will also learn more about the notes and placement, etc. Give your idea a go with reall clay and come back and show me your results..I bet you even surprise yourself!:) Your art class teach may also have a bit of clay to just give you to get going on this project too. Let them know what it is for, and I am sure you will be supported in your effort!
    K, get going...i am waiting to see what you come up with fellow carver, creator!