Yamaha Vino 125 Front Turn Signal Replacement

Introduction: Yamaha Vino 125 Front Turn Signal Replacement

This is a slideshow how to on changing out the front turn signals ona vino 125 scooter.

Step 1: Roavoe Front Bolt

Remove the bolt on the front of the headlight assembly, yours will be a phillips screw head. I HIGHLY reccomend switching it out for a hex head bolt like mine.

NOTE: If this it your first time removing this screw now that it is VERY hard to turn, you are best using a manual impact driver so you do not strip it out.

Step 2: Dont Lose These

when you get this bolt out, the nut and collar on it like to fall and go under things. keep them all in one spot. The order in the photo is the right order they go in.

Step 3: Remove Rear Headlight Screws

Remove the screws on the rear of the head light assembly. there is one on each side. turn the handlebars so they are out of your way.

Step 4: Remove Headlight Assembly and Unplug the Headlamp Wire.

remove headlight assembly and unplug the headlamp wire.
Place headlight assembly in a safe place, these are not cheap to replace.

Step 5: Unplug Signal Wires

Unlplug the green wire connectors. Be gentle. You DO NOT want to mess up the connectors. Pull from the brass peices NOT the wires.

NOTE: I broke the connector off as you can see in this pic. Luckily for me it was on the end that was connected to the broken signal light

Step 6: Remove the Nut

remove this nut, use a 17mm wrench

Step 7: Take Signal Light Off

take nut off of wires and remove the old light.

Step 8: Install New Signal

put new wires back through the hole. Then put nut onto wires.

NOTE: the pegs on the bracket must fit into the holes in the rubber base of the signal light.

Step 9: Tighten Nut Down, Connect Wires, Check for Level

Tiughten the nut down, about 8 ft lbs. not to hard. THen plug the new wires in and check for levelness by looking across the top at the other signal.

NOTE: the one in the pic is NOT level. If this is the case with yours: loosen nut, adjust and tighten till you get it right. OR, just move on if it doesn't bother you

Step 10: Check for Proper Connections.

turn you key on and check blinker, make sure front and back both work. if they dont check your wire connections, if they do move to next step, AFTER turning ignition to the OFF position

Step 11: Reinstall Headlight Assy

put on the headlight assembly, not all the way yet, plug in the headlamp wire first. Put front screw on first then the back ones.


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    2 Discussions


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Great tutorial, but I'm having problems finding a vino replacement turn signal, same as in your pictures. Could you mention where you got the part from? thanks :)


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    I ordered mine online from Power Parts Plus. Cost me $12.95 plus shipping. They seem to have pretty much any Yamaha parts you're looking for. www.powerpartsplus.com/