Yankee Bacon Egg, the Only AMERICAN Lunch.




Introduction: Yankee Bacon Egg, the Only AMERICAN Lunch.

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Howdy folks! Welcome to my latest 'ible. Today your going to learn how to make that most bizarre of treats, that most american of lunches, the Yankee Bacon Egg. It's almost as simple as it is delicious and almost as weird as it is American, it's a slice of shredded bacon inside of a hard boiled egg. 

Please note that due to a glich that will not seem to go away, I can not put those yellow boxes that have text when you mouse over them on my pictures. The text I would have put there will, for the time being, be placed below the main body of text.

Image text: A partially peeled boiled agg with an entire slice of bacon inside. There are no words to describe either the yumminess, or the Americanness of this dish.

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Step 1: Ingredients

To make a Yankee Bacon Egg you will need:

-egg (s)
-slice(s) of bacon, cook it before hand
-aluminum foil
-a toothpick or something similar to stir the egg
-an elecric drill, or any other method of putting a small hole in a egg shell
-a pot with water on a stove, unless you want it to catch your microwave on fire. (oooh, fun :D)

I recommended you start to heat the water up now, so that it will be ready when the eggs are finished. Also keep in mind that these are meant to be made in batches, so you should actually have several eggs and slices of bacon.

Step 2: Shredding the Bacon

First you need bacon, so go ahead and fry it up if you haven't already. I assume you already know how, and if you don't I reccomend both a cookbook and a psychiatrist. Once that's done with, (mmm...smells good already) let it cool off a bit and shred it into little pieces. The size doesn't have to be too precise but none of my bacon fragments were much more than a centimeter in length.

Image text: Ooh bacon, how many ways do I love thee?

Step 3: Putting a Hole in the Eggshell

We all have different ways of getting things done, but I really think power tools ought to be used in the kitchen more often. But no matter what method you use to put a small hole in the eggshell, the important thing is to not destroy the egg.

Image text: Even with a drill the egg shell has a tendency to splinter a bit, but the hole doesn't really need to be perfect anyway. Don't forget to rinse your drill bit before cooking with it!

Step 4: Draining the Yankee Bacon Egg

Before you can stuff an entire slice of bacon inside an egg, a little bit of egg has to come out. But not as much as you would think, because there is an air pocket under a membrane at the bottom of the egg. Go ahead and puncture that now (with your stirring implement of choice) and then poor off a bit of the egg white into a sink or bowl or something. Easy does it, bacon slices aren't that big.

Image text: My friend and fellow bacon lover draining an egg

Step 5: Stuffing the Yankee Bacon Egg

Almost there! This step is about an easy as you can imagine, as long as you don't drop the egg, you'll be fine. Just put the shredded bacon into the egg. After the whole piece of bacon is inside, stir it up with your chosen stirring implement. 

Image text: Me, putting shredded bacon in an egg

Step 6: Wrapping the Yankee Bacon Egg

Now, you could take the egg as it is and plop it in boiling water, but it would leak while cooking and we wouldn't want that, now would we? Hmmmmmm..... I know! Wrap the egg in aluminum foil! The pictures show better than I can tell, so consult them for wrapping technique. Try to not to get to much air between the aluminum foil and the egg.

Image text: The stages of wrapping

Step 7: Cooking the Yankee Bacon Egg

Once you have completed the previous steps for all the eggs you want to cook, and you have a pot of boiling water on the stove, place all of the wrapped eggs in the pot. It takes about ten minutes to cook, or a little less if you want the yolk runny. The yankee bacon eggs will float a bit, but that doesn't matter. Ten minutes is a long time when you're hungry, so I recommend finding something to do. One possibility is to make more bacon, because you can never go wrong with bacon!

Step 8: Unwrapping the Yankee Bacon Egg

After the ten or fewer minutes are up, remove the Yankee Bacon Eggs from the water with a spoon or something, or just wait for the water to cool. They are currently at 100 degrees Celsius, so don't touch them yet, but as soon as they cool down you can unwrap them. 

Image text: a partially unwrapped yankee bacon egg, pictured here, is mocking me with it's heat. I can't touch it yet but it calls out to be eaten......


Ok, now we can eat! Oh wait... hold that thought, we should probably de-shell them first. OR we could paint the shells and have ourselves a good old American easter! But whether you choose to wait, (I envy your self control) or chow down now, (like me!) it basically goes like this: Peel egg. Put egg in mouth. Chew (optional, as my dog proved quite conclusively) swallow. Plug your ears to try and keep your brain from melting out of them while you experience the joy of the yankee bacon egg. Finish. 

Image text: 

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    3 years ago

    sounds great but.... I have a hard time letting bacon sit on a plate while I'm poking holes in an egg. Bacon in my house is classified as a "Now" item if you know what i mean.


    8 years ago on Step 2

    This is excellent !!! Blew out a couple of the eggs but finally got it. Everyone enjoyed them in amazement. Thanks


    Reply 8 years ago on Step 2

    :D Awesome! Thanks for the feed back :)


    8 years ago on Introduction

    This looks awesome! Can't wait to give this a go