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Introduction: Yarn Bowstring Silencers

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This instructable will show you how to make string silencers out of synthetic wool yarn! It is an effective and inexpensive addition to any archery rig. 

I own a Samick Sage 3-piece takedown bow, and I love it! however, because it is a takedown bow (meaning it comes apart into several pieces) it has some extra buzzing when I shoot it from full draw, and I wanted to make it stealthy quiet. Also, this could be used to silence any type of traditional bow, not just a recurve!

This is my first instrucable, so I'll take any kind of feedback!
Lets get started

Step 1: Materials

Materials you will need:
-a light colored marker or grease pencil
-2 Twist ties

I managed to find a camo colored yarn at wal-mart, and it looks pretty cool on my bow. You can use any color yarn you'd like, and I'm sure you could use 100% real wool yarn if you can find it. It would probably work even better!

Step 2: Measuring and Cutting

Take your yarn of choice and measure out a segment between 3 and 4 inches. Cut with the scissors and start assembling a neat pile from the 3.5 inch pieces. 

Step 3: Making Bundles

Repeat step 2 until you have a bundle of about 40 pieces of yarn. Then, start over until you have a second bundle containing an equal number of pieces.

Optional: wrap the two bundles near the middle with the twist ties. This will help keep the bundles together when you are trying to string the bow!!

Step 4: Marking the String

Now, grab your bow. While it's still strung, mark where you want to put your string silencers on the string itself. 

There are various methods to string silencer placement, but I decided to measure the length of my bow and then mark about 1/4 of the way from each end of the string. 

Some people prefer 1/3, others 1/3 and 1/4. Its up to your personal preference, style of shooting, and type of bow. feel free to adjust these!

No matter the spacing, you should have two marks on your bowstring now, one on either end of your bowstring.

Step 5: Making a Gap in the String

Unstring your bow. Place your bowstring on a flat surface. Find the mark you made in the last step. Carefully, tease the bowstring apart so you make a small hole between the strands, right in the same spot you made the mark.

Find your other mark, and repeat this on the other end of your bowstring

Step 6: Adding the Bundles

Grab one of your bundles of yarn. Place the bundle of yarn into the gap you made in the string, making sure it is centered around the mark you made on the string.

Then, gently twist the bowstring to lock the bundle of yarn securely between the strands of the bowstring.

Find your other mark, and repeat this on the other end of your bowstring

Step 7: Stringing Your Bow

Now take your bowstring with the yarn bundles twisted into it, and string it like you would normally. From here, you're pretty much done! they look a little silly right now, but as you shoot your bow, the yarn will begin to fray, and will puff out. This will make them look much better and also create a more effective silencer.

Just strum the string a few times and see what I mean, they'll begin to fray and start puffing out

Step 8: Enjoy!

After a couple weeks of usage, they will be completely frayed out. If you want, you can carefully take your scissors and trim the silencers into spherical shapes to make them sleeker looking.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy your new stealthy bow!



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12 Discussions

How would you make this if you have a paracord bow string?

cheers brother! That was a fun little excersise - I have a Martin Jaguar TD recurve thats mostly black - so raiding the wife's knitting bag for black yarn as well as some mottled blue looked really cool together on the bowstring!

Another cheap n easy tip for hushing these things up a bit is to get some of that stick on velcro tape- use the softer, fuzzy 'female' part and tape it to the ends of your bow's limbs so when you send an arrow away the string doesn't slap the the limb as hard - it's supposed to increase the life of the limb as well as quietening your shot.

bit of stick on felt to the shelf (if you aren't using a rest) will kill any noise of tapping the arrow against it when moving with a knocked arrow too

- again, thank you!

They silence the bow by absorbing extra vibration from the string after the arrow has been fired. You will notice an immediate decrease in vibration and noise.

o cool. i dont have a bow though. what recurve ones do u recommend(under 100)?


3Rivers is my favorite. I have a takedown myself and am about to make these. I made my own bow string with some 50# dacron and fly tying thread, I think that I may post an instructable on it. Let me know what you think. Anyway, I really like this idea! Store bought silencers can be expensive. How much does this silence the bow?

I'll tell ya, these do the trick. my TD recurve was really noisy and the string would buzz against the limbs and the string itself would make a twang. With these silencers on it, all you hear is the 'woosh' of the arrow, puts a grin on my face every time haha. I'm looking forward to your instructable, id love to make another string for my longbow.

Sounds good, I can't wait to make one. I'll see what I can do about that ible

Hey radagast, I'm working on that instructable right now! I should publish it soon.