Yarn Easter Eggs




Introduction: Yarn Easter Eggs

Egg shaped yarn balls/form.

After I made these, I learned that when my aunt made these years past, she would completely cover the balloons with string.

Step 1: Supplies

-a pot
-yarns and strings

Step 2: Hang Balloons

blow up a few balloons and hang them from somewhere, like the kitchen light. Make sure that the string is tied tight because the balloons will get heavy.

You can use whatever type of balloon you want, I just had water balloons

Step 3: Make Glue

Pour one cup of water and one cup of sugar into the pot and heat. Let it boil for a few minutes. It tastes good, but it's hot so be careful. :)

Step 4: Wrap

Take the pot of hot sugar water to your balloons. Put a sheet or two of newspaper underneath so you don't ruin the table or at least make it all sticky.

Dunk and soak a whole bunch of string or yarn in the sugar water.
Start to wrap the sticky yarn all about the balloon, go in a criss-cross pattern to make it stronger. Pretty much go nuts wrapping the yarn around the balloon until you run out.
Repeat if you so choose. I probably could have put a bit more on all of mine.

Warning: The sugar water was just boiling --> it's hot.

Step 5: Let Dry

Now just let the balloons and yarn dry. While you wait hurry and clean your scissors, table, pot so they all don't become stuck to everything. Also swap out the newspaper.

Once dry, pop the balloons and pick them out.

Now you have a Yarn/String Easter Egg! Feast on candy and be merry.



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    36 Discussions

    Question....would it be easier to wrap then dunk? I use this method making my chocolate bowls. Saves from burning fingers :)

    1 reply

    Possibly. I haven't tried it that way yet. I imagine the change in temperature might make the balloon change in size, but again I haven't tried it.

    I made these when I was a kid (with crafting glue) and we left an opening in them (egg shaped) to use them for easter baskets! It's a really fun and different easter basket idea! I'm excited to try it with the simple syrup rather than the glue since the glue was expensive and Really messy.

    could you just do it with watered down glue instead if the sugar water? I live in Houston so I wouldn't be able to keep ants away, and it's rather humid here so I would think it would get sticky.

    3 replies

    you could use krazy glue
    that stuff is pretty watery and is very sticky

    I would think that crazy glue would glue the yarn to the balloon.  Don't know until you try though.

    how do you blow up the water balloons? i have a ton and cant blow them up without popping my cheeks help?

    Those things are AWESOME!!! to bad its only march. :(

    Any big box craft store or walmart type store sells liquid fabric stiffener. liquid starch will also work..  It is what i use on crocheted doily's and table cloths..

    may sound weird but is there a type of food you could do this with? because of the sugar glue, if there was some kind of spaghetti like string food, it mught make a nice addition to a dessert with sugar coated egg shell, filled with ice cream or something

    Yup, the balloons I used were just regular water balloons. Available at your local dollar store.

    I used to make all kinds of different things with the yarn and balloon type craft. But we used watered down Elemers white glue. you make a mix of 25% water, and 75% glue, then dip the string in the glue and wrap it on the balloons, hang to dry, takes over night and a little more to dry and its done.

     My sister used to make these but she used liquid fabric starch

    Does anybody know what else I could use as glue? I don't want ants coming into my house (took me forever to get rid of them, hehehe).

    1 reply

    I do the same thing except I use slightly diluted Kid's School Glue and instead of soaking the yarn first, I wrap the balloons first and then dunk it in the mixture of glue/water, or paint it on thick, takes a while to dry, but doesn't seem as messy as this version.

    I tried this and the yarn didn't get stiff enough. Mom took one look and told me I used too much water in the sugar solution. I left the balloons in and strings on and decided to call them Christmas tree balls... And will know better next time!