Yarn Monster

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This fun little toy makes a great project or gift for a young kid! It is fun, easy to do, and requires NO sewing!!

It also looks cool on a bedside table and is a good addition to any room!!

Step 1: Materials

All you will need for this project is:



-a cookie cutter

-two googly eyes


*OPTIONAL decorative ribbon

Now Let's Get Started!!!

Step 2: Wrap It Up!!!!!!

Take your cookie cutter, and wrap the yarn around it LOOSLY. Your end product when you finish wrapping should be picture number three.

Step 3: Take It Off the Cookie Cutter

Very slowly and carefully, take the yarn off the cookie cutter. This is the reason that you need to wrap it loosly in order to remove it from the cookie cutter. When you take the yarn off the cookie cutter, make sure it does NOT unravel.

Step 4: Tie the Middle

Cut off a piece of yarn about seven inches long, and tie it around the middle of the "monster" in a TIGHT KNOT!!!! This will hold the yarn together. When you are done with that, you can trim the excess yarn from the middle.

Step 5: Cut Through the Yarn

On the bottom, cut through the loopholes on every string, so one piece becomes two. See pictures.

Step 6: Add Googly Eyes!!!

Put glue on the back of the googly eye, (It would be best to use hot glue) and stick the eye onto the monster. Pretty self exploratory. Repeat for another eye.

Step 7: Decorative Ribbon

Cut off a 7 inch piece of string, NOT DECORATIVE RIBBON. Tie it around the waist just as you did with the yarn. Cut the ends.

Now tie a 7 inch long piece of DECORATIVE RIBBON. Again, cut the ends off the waist.

Step 8: FINISHED!!

Let your cute little monster dry, and you are FINISHED!!! Yup, it is that easy. No sewing, no knitting, no nothing! So give yourself a nice pat on the back for finishing this tutorial!



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    3 years ago

    So cute!! Thanks!! :


    3 years ago

    Cute lol. Reminds me of the Sneaker Monster from Loony Toons


    3 years ago

    So cute!!!