Yarn Rug




Introduction: Yarn Rug

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Rugs are made to link room to another room,

and was made to clean your shoes from the outside contaminants,

So we will make a Rug for it, With Yarn!.

Now let's get started.

Step 1: Materials for It:

What we'll need are the following:


Sewing kit

cloth or fabric (use one that doesn't slip onto the floor)

and that's it.

Now let's make.

Step 2: To Tie a Knot.

Now all you need to do is:

Get your yarn,

make a Rock sign in your hand (like shown)

now hold the ends of the yarn

and circle it to your index finger back to your pinkie finger,

make a figure 8 to it.

now after it has gotten a lot thicker,

cut your yarn and tie it on the middle where the thin line of the figure 8,

and then cut the upper and lower circle of the yarn, like shown.

now you have a piece of the rug,

Step 3: Sew It All!

make a lot of piece of the rug, more like 20 of them or more if you like to make your Rug big,

now get your cloth and sew the pieces into it, I used leather for no slipping in the floor,

Now you have a Yarn Rug, now that's simple to do! isn't it nice! :-)



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    Could you add a picture of the completed rug in better lighting? With the dark pictures and the dark yarn, I can't see it very well. :-/