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Introduction: Yarn Storage

My wife and I are the perfect match. She will come up with a great idea, pick the style and colors, and tell me what she wants. I take it from there, figuring out how to make it happen and then doing so.

Recently, she got fed up with bags of yarn covering the floor of her office. To find the right one, you had to waste a lot of time digging through and untangling.

So she came to me saying she wanted several shallow white shelves to hold her yarn.

Step 1: Attaching the Supports to the Wall

The shelves were easy and basic to make. I made them 48" wide to minimize scraps and expense. The shelf itself is a 3/4" 1x4. I ripped a 1" strip off each shelf then used my drill press and dowels to connect them back together.

They all got painted white with a semi-gloss finish per my wife's instructions.

The first step to installing is to use 3" long screws to secure the 1" strips to the wall using as many studs as I could.

Step 2: Attaching the Shelves

Because the holes and dowels were already in place, installing the shelves was simply a matter of sliding them on.

Because the weight these will be required to hold is minimal, I decided not to glue. That will make them easier to remove if I (my wife) decides to.

Step 3: Final Check

Once all shelves were in place I doubled checked for level. Plus it was exciting just to look at.

Step 4: Finished

While I was installing, my wife rolled all the yarn into balls. When I finished, she added them all to the shelves and there you go! We used about 4" of space from an unused wall and opened up a ton of floor space.



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    12 Discussions

    nice very nice..:))

    interesante y con más aplicaciones, conservando l amisma idea, orden, visualización y ubicación de lo que pongamos ahí

    I LOVE this idea! If only I had so little yarn! If you want to help make your wife happy...purchase a ball winder for her. This will make cakes of yarn for all of her left overs or if she has purchased yarn in hanks. Her yarn will have a center pull just like the skeins. I use shelves but I have my yarn in laundry baskets sorted by types. You have made an absolutely wonderful shelf system that will hold stacks of these cakes of yarn....she will be able to store many colors and types. I also put mine in baggies so I can keep the label from each yarn with the cake...this way I have lot numbers, yarn size, and composition.

    May be a smaller version will fit perfectly in the "craft corner" in my bedroom.

    awesomeness ? i have a shelf type thing i found at an estate sell. it is a shelf to put spools of thread on. i think the lady was a quilter or maybe a seamstress. i use it to hang my necklaces on☺just thought that might help some one


    2 years ago

    Ok, you'r awesome, great idea! Thanks!

    so nice to be able to see all the yarn. And you did a great job making them all perfectly level!

    I have such a small craft room/office that this would help quite a bit, and for more than just yarn! Thanks for the idea!

    what an excellent idea! I would love this if we owned a home.