Yarn Tower

Introduction: Yarn Tower

When I first saw the Build With Yarn contest info and how it displays the Wonder Wheels, Eiffel Tower was the first thing that crossed my mind when I thought "What will I make?". The truss frame structure of the tower is an amazing sight. However, it turned out to be more difficult to work on than I thought, so I wouldn't dare calling it "Eiffel Tower", I'll just call it Yarn Tower, inspired by Eiffel Tower.

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Step 1: Materials

For this tower you will need :

Plastic straws (bendable ones)
worsted weight yarn, about 2 skeins
G and D crochet hooks
floral wire
clear adhesive tape
cardboard for base

Step 2: Make the Base

Make tower base

Step 3: Make the Upper Body

Make the upper body with straws, then attach using wire to the base

Step 4: Yarn It!

Cover the straw structure with yarn, using crochet technique.

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