Yarn Wrapped Holey Sock


Introduction: Yarn Wrapped Holey Sock

Just a different way to make use of those socks that have holes in them.

Step 1: What You Will Need

Crochet hook ( I used a 3.75mm)


A holed Sock

Step 2: What to Do

Roll your sock into a doughnut shape ( I know not all holed socks will accommodate this but I have another technique for those situations.)

Thread your yarn through the hole then make a standard starting loop for your crochet hook,double looping for a secure start.

Step 3: Start Crocheting

Start off with a single stitch crochet and keep rotating the yarn to the outside while crocheting since the thing is a doughnut shape it'll roll fairly easily...Use whatever stitches you want just keep going and connect the ends then you've done it ..Enjoy!

Step 4: For Those Other Socks

For those socks that are whole or have holes in different places..

Make a crochet in the round ..then roll the sock as before then put it in the center, then crochet until done...you can make all sorts of shapes and critters with it and not have to worry about your "filling" getting lost through your stitches...Enjoy :)



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