Yarn Wrapped Vase

Introduction: Yarn Wrapped Vase

I love having vases in my house because I always want fresh flowers.

I had this vase lying around but it needed a little TLC and some sprucing. I've seen these done on mason jars before but wanted to try it on a different medium....

Here you go!

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Step 1: Supplies


A vase.

Some spray paint.

Step 2: Prepare the Jar

After much frustration I wound up tying a knot at the top. It made life so much easier.

I wrapped the yarn around the vase in a random path. Keep the yarn very taught when doing this. The yarn needs to be tight against the vase.

When done, tie an additional knot to hold it in place.

Step 3: Paint the Vase

Place the vase in a safe area to paint.

Lightly coat in spray paint. I mean lightly. This technique is dependent on it. In fact, it is best to do several light coats.

Here's where patience comes into play. Allow is to dry. Spray paint doesn't stick well to glass so any movement will disrupt the drying process.

Then you can fill it with water and enjoy!

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