Yassi Squash Mix




Introduction: Yassi Squash Mix

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Step 1: Ingredients

~Squash(2 or 3)
~ Zucchini (Also 2 or 3)
~Italian salad dressing

Step 2: Equipment

~A Cutting Knife
~A Cutting Bored
~Bowl (Big/Small)

Step 3: Clean Veggies

When you've gathered all your ingredients and Equipment. You rinse the Zucchini & Squash with water

Step 4: Cut Ends

When you are done rinsing the veggies, next you will cut off the ends

Step 5: Slice Them

Than you will slice them in quarter-inch sections

Step 6: Put Them in a Bowl

When you are done slicing your veggies, You will put them in the bowl

Step 7: Time for the Dressing

After placing the veggies in the bowl you will now place the Italian dressing and than mix them together

Step 8: Grilling

When you are done with your mixture you will next put the veggies on the grill (Also you will brush them down with the Italian dressing once you flip them)

Step 9: Enjoy!!

When you are finished grilling, you can enjoy my delicious Yassi squash Mix! Enjoy!

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