Ye Ol Duct Tape Wall Mount for Your Throne Room! "Winter Is Coming"




Introduction: Ye Ol Duct Tape Wall Mount for Your Throne Room! "Winter Is Coming"

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Hey peoples of the instructables world here is a great way of making some really eye catching decor for your throne room, man cave, kids room, sports fan room, your next LARP lol or just looking at making something you can hang indoors or out because you guessed it... made all out of Duct Tape!

I chose this design because I think the sigil look great, lots of detail but still simple to make and I got addicted to Game of Thrones.

So come along for the journey on make your own Duct Tape sign for you to hang anywhere you please sire!

Step 1: Come Forth and Gather the Materials

First we are going to gather everything we need for this project,

  • Duct Tape, gather all the colors you will need because every piece, part and section will be DUCT TAPE! Put away your paints and markers!
  • A board of some sorts, I went with a recycled piece of paneling I had laying around the garage it will last longer and allow for me to hag it outside, you could also use cardboard if you would like.
  • Exacto knife, this is a key part of the project make sure you have some nice sharp blades also.
  • Jig saw and safety glasses, to cut out your template.
  • Really small screws, two of them to make the wall holder
  • Screw Driver
  • Small piece of wire or rope
  • Overhead projector (could be borrowed from library, even if you ask some schools they still have them kicking around that you can probably buy off them for cheap)
  • Printer friendly transparency sheets
  • You could also use a projector plugged directly to a laptop or your mad art skills and free hand it.

Now let's start our Direwolf!

Step 2: Project and Trace Your Template

Now that we have all of our materials, we'll need to cut out our template. This is the most important step because it will determine your final shape and it's the base for the whole thing.

In order to get the design perfectly onto the wood, I went and found a picture of what I want to make as my wall mount. Printed it onto a laminating sheet which then went onto the over head projector for me to trace it onto the small piece of paneling I had in the garage.

Overhead projectors are a dying breed but very useful when it some to making large wall size art, same results are being achieved now with modern usb projectors. (plus you save the whole printing onto a transparency sheet step)

Step 3: Cut Out Your Direwolf!

Now that you have traced out your piece onto your base, it's time to cut it out.

So let's put on our safety glasses and very carefully cut along the lines with your jigsaw, I suggest not trying to cut it all out in one shot but to make many small cuts so that you don't lose some of the smaller details like along the fur line.

(Taping your edges with a painters tape or Duct tape will prevent little splinters and the edges from breaking apart with the jigsaw.)

Once your done cutting out your base you must sand down all the edge to prevent getting splinters while you work with the piece.

Now onto the fun part, artists Start your Taping!

Step 4: Ye Little Details Be First!

Ok so we want to start by covering the small details first like the hair tips and teeth, do this until you get to a point where you can lay a full strip of tape.

Keeping your Tape strips as long an full as possible is the key to a clean project, avoid making lots of little cuts or pieces if possible.

While your covering the small details use your exacto knife to cut the tension along the edges and tuck them in smooth to the border.

Fully cover your Direwolf with the silvery tape of goodness, but remember to apply it smoothly and avoid creases and stuff underneath which will make bumps.

Step 5: Mount Your Wolf.

Ok so now come the part where we need to put our wolf back on the wall in order to cut out all the little details, we'll achieve this by putting in two very small screws and a piece of wire. (you can use twine or something else if you would like)

Center your two screws so your wolf will hang evenly.

Make sure to use a hand screw driver and take your time putting them in with the other hand on the front to check incase you puncture through the sign.

Step 6: The Devil Is in the Details!

We need to put this back onto the wall with our newly made hanger at the back, and line up your projector to the sign so that you can see where to tape next for the details of your sign.

This is where you need to think in layers, first by depth then by color. What I mean by that is items that sit deep like eyes and teeth should be cut out and put on first because the next layer like eye lids and lips cover them up as to make a more realistic design.

(If you were to do it the other way around your teeth and eye may look funny if you don't cut and place them perfectly.)

All I did here was put down the white tape where the eyes and lips are and traced them out so that I can cut them with the exacto knife.

Always be extremely careful using the exacto knife they are very sharp, have a light touch with the knife but heavy enough to cut through the tape strings. Utilize the knife tip to gently start pulling up the piece of tape your trying to take off until you can pull the tape by hand, then run the knife along the edge your cutting to help your designs pull up cleanly.

Other then that have fun with all the little details!

Step 7: Duck Tape Your Way to the Finishing Line!

You're almost done! You will use the same process as the eyes and teeth for the black details in the ears, teeth, fur and border.

After a while I found it easier to tape and cut directly on the wall with the projector on, instead of tracing every line especially on black tape.

When doing the black details on the teeth and eye be careful not to cut through and peel the under layers off, be careful of that on any layers! lol

Now you act like a coffee driven Duct Tape printer and work your way one line at a time till you cover every detail or run out of tape, don't run out of tape stock up good!

Step 8: Your Done Sire, Your Direwolf Awaits Lair to Hang In!

Were almost done, we just need to go around and carefully clean edges that might still have gum on it or the little strings, clean up line that aren't as straight as you would like and tuck in all your corners and tips.

I noticed at the fur tips the tape made them longer so I trimmed them up a bit.

That's it your done!

Hope you had fun creating your sign, remember you can make anything you put your mind to!

Thank you for following along, please vote for this project in the contest if you enjoyed this instructable!

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    4 years ago

    Amazing. I LOVE it. So many ideas right now...


    5 years ago

    Great project!

    It's called duct tape, not duck tape ;)


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Depending on where you buy it, it is called both duct tape (Home Depot) AND Duck Tape (Walmart). Some genius figured out that people like to do crafts with this
    stuff and started a company called Duck Tape, since that is what is sounds like and millions of people have no idea that it is pronounced duct.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you, I had started in the title with "Duct" then I guess started thinking birds. I find it funny also that you arent supposed to "Duct tape" on ducts because of potential fire hazards, "Duck Tape" is a brand of duct tape also just to add some confusion lol


    5 years ago

    Seriously I can barely draw that. Two thumbs up:)