Yellow E-ink

Introduction: Yellow E-ink

Convert Your e-book reader screen color.

Step 1: Cut.

First thing is to cut yellow foil to fit the screen.

Step 2: Remove Reflection.

To remove reflection from foil You need to rub the foil at wall, :) , just a bit.

(from both sides of the foil).

Step 3: Fit the Foil

Next step, fitting the foil is easy.

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    Question 11 months ago

    Hello sir,
    I am studying in pune Vidhyarthi Griha's College of Engineering and Technology, doing project on conductive ink basically silver or Graphene.
    Would would please help me with the current status of it and the problems that actually persists. Though I went through many research papers and articles still Didn't find much of it.
    Would you please help me for the same.