Yellow Submarine in Cardboard!!!




Introduction: Yellow Submarine in Cardboard!!!

Hello my beattlemaniacs friends!

This is my Yellow Submarine project 100% in cardboard and newspaper. It can be made whit a very little budget and a week of work!

The size of the model can be modify to attend your demand too.

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Step 1: #1 Materials!

It's very simple, no expensive items at all!

Here goes the list:

- LOT's of cardboard
- A4 paper
-Glues: Hot, White, Contact
-Paint Brush

Step 2: #2 Preparing the Model

Here is the trick
I got this free paper model toy in the web. Whit Illustrator we can print the image in a tile range, scaling the model to your own need.

After print, just build up the model!

Whit the model in your hands, just move the form to a cardboard base.

Save the models after work, you can build another submarine in the future!

Step 3: #3 Building It

I'm sorry by the lack of images, but is quite simple, Just follow the steps inside the pdf file!

I recomend to use a stapler and lot's of contact glue to put the submarine togheter.

Step 4: #4 Finishing

This is the end...

Now you cut the newspaper in smaller parts, and whit a paint brush spread white glue over the cardboard.

This will give more uniformity and resistance to the piece.

After some layers...

It's time to paint!

To glow in dark light, I paint my one whit neon spray

Varnish its a great idea too!

To float in the pool i used some foam.

Hope you enjoy! =)
Sorry by my poor english =/

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Luiz Santos
Luiz Santos

Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

In this projecto no, but I don't think it is a hard thing to do.


Beatle-iful job! Now the song is playing in my head, not necessarily a bad thing.