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Introduction: YellowFish Submarine_WIP

Hi this instructables is a WIP to build a submarine robot that is able to make a realtime video streaming , controlled by audio imput that can pilot the device and recive the video info at the same time.


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Step 1: Grove Starter Kit Plus

We recive a Grove starter kit plus, and Intel Edison, we also recive some sensor and keep on installer by this link:

Step 2: Coding the Algorithmfor the Underwater Realtime Video Streaming

This part is under study by university so we can't describe every steps.
The aim of the project is a program, that compress every video data.

The fisrt program automaticly recognise frames to cut off , and than, the second one rebuild these frames mantaining a high video quality with a less size of the files .
Than can be streaming in real time, using audio signal.

Step 3: Modelling Your Robot

1- search some image:

-one up,

- one lateral.

2- follow the blueprints with the Tspline tool (you can use fusion 360 , rhinoceros or other 3d software)

3- Modelling your robot as your preference ( you can change the picture and chose another animal or image)

4- Draw the line to cut the main shape , to build the particular of the submarine.

5- Feel free to add any details

Step 4: Sample Video

Hear you can see some of sample video using this algorithm.

The image is better than any explenation.

In color you can see the original video, and in grayscale, the compresse one, with ours program. Thanj, and leave us a feedback.

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