Altiods Survival Kit (Yet Another One)

Introduction: Altiods Survival Kit (Yet Another One)

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OK, So this is my first instructable so please feel free to offer any suggestions.
I've been checking out other carry kits and taking from them what suited my needs.
Over time I have taken away and packed in so much stuff.

In my kit I have the following,

1. 3x cotton fire starters
2. Aluminum Foil
3. Emergency Whistle
4. Waterproof Matches
5. Alcohol Wipes
6. Burn Cream
7. Band aids
8. Magnifying Glass
9. 2x Fishing hooks
11. Small Treble Hook
12. 2x Bullion Cubes (Chicken and Beef)
13. Fishing Line
14. GI Can opener
15 Button Compass
16.Snare Wire
17. Safety Pins
18. Sewing Needles x3
19. Mirror
20. Razor Blade
21.Buttons (2x large/ 1x small)
22. Thread
23.Steal Wool


I ended up making a few modifications to this kit as I found Items to add.
One major issue was the size of the thread spool so as you will see in the latest picture I removed it. placing the needles is clear tape and wrapping the thread around it. This saved a bunch of space.

Two Major additions are as follows

1. A smaller than credit card flat multi-tool 
2. A Money clip pocket knife I picked up at Walmart.

I should also add that around the tin is about 3ft. of electrical tape (it also aids in waterproofing) and an elastic hair tie.

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    Well you kit is impressive but you need to get a magnesium block so you can start fires anywhere.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    That is a very good recommendation, and I do have such items in my other kits. The issue that I am running into is finding one that is small enough, yet not to cumbersome. As you can see, there it not much room left inside the box and I am adverse to strapping an item such as that to the outside.
    If you have any suggestions as to a product which would be suitable please advise as to where I might be able to acquire.

    Thank you.