Yet Another Bicycle Repair Stand

Here we go with yet another bicycle repair stand. Most of the ideas here have been done before, and posted on the web. For example, using a weight bench as the stand base has been done. As you would expect, a weight bench makes a good, stable base.

I have just a couple ideas to add; here they are: 1) I used vice-grips for the bike frame clamps; 2) I made a front wheel guide to keep the front wheel in line. That's pretty much it. The pictures tell the story.

Materials, Stand:
1 ea. weight bench
2 ea. vicegrips
1 ea. 2" x 2" x 3 ft. square tube steel
1 ea. 2" x 2" plate steel
1 ea. 1" x 1/8" x 6" flat steel bar
2 ea. galvanized iron pipes, nesting
2 ea. eye bolts
several nuts (I burned some up)
innertube rubber

Materials, Wheel Guide:
1 ea. large grounding clamp
some aluminum bar stock
4 ea. metal repair tabs
8 ea. sheet metal screws
innertube rubber

angle grinder
stick welder
drill press
Dremel tool



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