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Introduction: Yet Another Deer Head Papercraft

This is a yet another deer head papercraft . It is different from an amazing instructable create-faceted-paper-objects .

Why did I rebuild a wheel ?

In krummrey's Create faceted papercraft-objects instructable, the deer head model used by krummrey, is not symmetrical. So from the front view, the deer head turn left a little.

When I find a symmetrical deer head on website : , I followed the krummrey's instructable to make this deer head papercraft .

Just download attached pdf file and follow the steps. It will take a few hours. If you are new to papercraft, I linked a tutorial below that should be helpful. Enjoy!

Step 1: Materials and Printing

  • A printer
  • A4 or A3 Paper (11 sheets)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Ruler (optional)

I used A4 paper sheets to make this deer head but you can use A3 paper.With A4 paper the deer head should be approximately 45 cm high .With A3 paper, it is approximately 65 cm high.

When printing on paper make sure you have fairly heavy paper. 180 g/m^2 is the minimum to make a 45cm high one. If to make 65cm' s one, try to get paper closer to 250 g/m^2 .

In the pdf file, the antlers parts is grouped on the last four pages , If you plan to use different colors.I also kept the base on a single page.

As for the glue I guess everyone has their own favourite. I prefer double-sided tape because It's cleaner (no spillage) and faster.

Of course you also need a pair of scissors and optionally a ruler for folding. I used a laser cutter to make parts , it really save times.

Step 2: Making the Deer Head

If you have never done any papercraft, have a look at a tutorial first. I am not going into the basics here. This tutorial by krummrey looks very nice.

First cut out all pieces along the black, solid lines. Then fold at the dotted lines. Placing a ruler on the line can help to get straighter folds faster.

Remember: the printed side (lines and numbers) should end up on the inside of the model, so you can't see anything on the deer head form outside. Therefore most folds in this model will be valley folds!

I advise you to start with the ears, then antlers , and then head. When you make head, start with the nose's parts.

For easy to put on the wall and to maintain shape, I recommend draw the base to a cardboard.

Step 3: Thanks

I hope you like my papercraft project. If you make it, I would be glad if you shared a picture in the comments. I would also love to see different colour combinations. If you find any bugs in the template please also let me know so I can fix them.

I would like to extend my most sincere thanks and apologies to DrDee17. His work Papercraft-Low-Poly-Bird is very impressive. I copied some text from his tutorial. Thanks for the excellent work of DrDee17.

And I need to thank krummrey for his great tutorial on making papercraft objects.

Also I want to thank Thingiverse user 'Jia-Ming Cheng' for his deer head model that I used in the process.

Hope you have fun making this.

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Lots of fun

well done really looks cool I'm actually in the process of making it now

Hi, I really like the way it looks and I planned to make it for my self. I want to make all the numbers in the inside like the way you did it. Just one question, for all those who have made it before. I'm still confused about the dashed lines and the dotted-dashed lines. How should it fold when I want the numbers inside?

Hi, could you send me pdf, please? email:

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Thank you some much in advance


1 year ago

Podrian proporcionarme por favor el pdf??

Me encantaria realizarlo. Mi email :)

could you please send me the PDF for this papercraft I really want to make it promise i will send apic when i am done thanks!

nice work, man

ahh and by the way. I've a question concerning the deer:

could you please send me the pdf?

you would make me very happy :)

It looks fantastic!
Can you send me the PDF as well?
Thank you!

Hey Amazing work!

Could you send me the PDF file?

Have a nice day.


1 year ago

Hey, it looks fantastic! Can you send me the PDF as well? thx ;)

Hi, this looks fantasitc I was thinking of doing one for the office. Is
there any chance you could send the pdt to ?

Hi! can you send me the PDF? please, i love your work

Hey bro, can you send me the PDF as well? Lovely work! :)

Hi, can you please send it to me as well?, I'm a big fan of these sculptures.

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Привет! Будет ли это возможно для Вас, чтобы отправить мне PDF, пожалуйста? Спасибо заранее !

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hi,could you please send me the pdf?

thank u!