Introduction: IWatchband

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I came back!

This time to show you how to assemble a basic, and mostly free Wristband for the Newest iPod nano, so you can make the legendary iWatch.

It's an easy 5 minute project, and you may already have everything that's needed.

So, Let's go ahead!

31/10/10: Featured today! Thanks everyone!

Step 1: What's Needed?

This project consists in three things. 

One 6th Generation iPod nano
(your storage and  color of choice)

A Cutting instrument of some sort
(A knife, a multi-tool, X-acto, box cutter, etc~)

And a nylon rope tie
(More info on next step)

Step 2: Where Am I Supposed to Find That Rope Tie?

Interesting question, and it's answer it's rather simple.

These sturdy nylon-velcro rope ties come with many of Wellingtons's ropes.
They are used to hold the rope package in the rails found on the racks of the store.

I already had a couple of ties laying around, because I bought two packages of rope to tie a provisional tarp on our backyard.

I suggest you to search around a drawer or two, as you may already have one laying around!

If you don't happen to have the luck of having one already, you can buy a rope pack for about 10~ dollars, have the tie and keep to rope for another project. You never know when you're going to need rope!

Here where I live there's a local one that carries them, but you that live in the US you can find these ropes online and at K-mart.

Step 3: Make the Rope Tie Usable.

In order to make the tie useful as a watchband, you have to remove the plastic piece that's held in the middle of it.

You can do this by means of ripping apart the stitches found near the middle of the Tie.

Then slide away the plastic piece, you may put it away.

Step 4: Making It the IWatchband

Tuck in the nylon band into the iPod's clip, It'll fit snuggly.

Step 5: Show Off

Place your newly-made iWatch above your wrist.

Close the hook and loop closure, adjust as you feel comfort.

Wear your newly assembled Gizmo.

I hope you liked this brief instructable! Thanks for stopping by.

Comments, Suggestions are well appreciated!



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    That is a very clever no sew method.

    I have had watchbands made from seat belt material when i was overseas and could not buy a watchband.It requires velcro the piece of seatbelt and thinner tape like the blousing bands on fatigue pantsthis is sewn on the top of the band and used to secure the watch to the seat belt strapping.Sewing is required.

    or if you don't live in Poland you could always just buy a watch band wherever jewelry is sold.

    Won't you have to recharge everyday, since it almost always on wen u check for time

    1 reply

    you can set it to be able to see the watch when you push the SLEEP/WAKE button


    11 replies

    Most kids today are not used to watches at all, so they will not be used to water proof watches ethier.

    P.S. It is great but you cant listen and wear it ar the same time

    yeah you can run the head phone up your sleeve or jacket and they will pop out on the side of your ear

    There was this time about 30-40 years ago when everybody was wearing watches and washing hands but not one of the watches was actually waterproof... We've grown accustomed to things being waterproof so much that tiger has a valid point tho I do not agree with the alarming emergency with which he all-caps presented it.

    However valid the point, most people who wear custom made jewelry / watches are aware of their water resistance levels and take care not to wash their hands with the pieces still strapped to their wrists.

    your just like a constant downer arnt ya.. and most ipods are splash proof but you raise a very good point

    I will make a waterproof case for teh iPod with an innertube.
    Problem solved + chance to win a contest

    yer this guy on tested.com was testing the ipod and forgot about it on his wrist and got water in the usb connecter