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Yawn. I know we are all bored with this customized USB flash drive frenzy, but I can't keep myself off contributing another one.

This idea came after covering my bicycle saddle with leather. I had lots of scrap leather left-over. Since I didn't like the looks of my USB flash drive, here we go.

For this instructable you need:

- an ugly USB flash drive
- some scrap leather to cover it
- scissorts
- impact glue
- X-Acto knife
- a ruler
- a ballpoint pen

There are not many hazards/risks with this job. Watch out what you are cutting with scissors, I know one story involving scissors where a joke ended up with death. Impact adhesives are mostly solvent based, so I advise you to do this job at a well ventilated area, or you may get high (unfortunately :-). But really, don't forget that these adhesives are carcinogenic, really.

First photo below shows the looks of my flash drive after the dress-up. The second photo is the original naked flash drive (ugllyyyy).

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Step 1: Measure Twice, Cut Once.

Decide on the leather pattern you want to clad your flash drive with. I decided to simply wrap it around, to give the drive a neat and warm look.

I calculated the necessary length of the strip to wrap around, and cut it using a ruler and a utility knife.

Step 2: Glue the Leather and USB Drive Edges.

Impact adhesives need to be applied on both surfaces. Use a thin nice coat of adhesive on both edges, and spread it evenly using your fingers (not so healthy maybe, but ecstatic feeling to peel it off). Let both sides to dry, for something like 10 minutes. For a better adhesion, repeat the application and wait for another 10 minutes.

Please read all the instructions and warnings on the adhesive packaging!.. They are important stuff and there are good reasons why they are there.

Step 3: Find Out That Glue Won't Hold Shiny Surfaces.

Against what is advertised on the packaging, the impact adhesive wouldn't hold the shiny steel surface of the USB flash drive. I had to scratch hatches on the surface to roughen it up. Use a sharp object, i.e. a utility knife for that.

Clean the surface with rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) to clean it from oil and grease. Re-apply the glue on the drive surface.

Step 4: Wrap the Leather Firmly Around the Drive.

Do this carefully, make sure it is tight and neat. Trim the edges as required, re-attach any labels you like. Even decorate it with your favorite stuff (i.e., an old apple computer logo from a discarded laptop as below).

Enjoy it!.. It looks much better now (in my opinion).




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    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Well... maybe MAcs suck, but UNIX rocks right? Ur not gonna tell me u like windows :) Also, i like this instuctable very much 5/5


    Wow! Quite mature :) Clearly a power user, I sure wish Apple was awesome like Microsoft... Sigh, maybe someday my Mac will be not suck enough get a nice virus, or better yet, run system-destroying virus softs 24/7. Or even better, enjoy all the power but none of the commercial apps or hardware support of Linux! *hope*


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    macs most certainly CAN get viruses, wanna know why it never happens? because the hackers know more people have windows so its more efficient for them if they make windows viruses. A couple years back there was a test done on linux macos and windows to see which was easiest to hack......the mac went down in under 1 hour. Windows took 2 or so weeks and linux took over a month. The moral? There is no protection measures in macs :)


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    I AM NOT A APPLE HATER My grandpa got a mac. He never uses it but somehow it broke down and would not turn on. Maybe no viruses but still a crappy computer.


    oh yes. mac users always go back to the virus issue. it never fails. hey but have fun watching movies and listening to music while staying virus free. oh, damn dont forget about... wait thats...yeah thats just about all you can do right? sorry i was under the impression that mac users had something else going for them besides virus immunity. :P gotta love a great mac/pc argument.

    Oh well, I knew this would start...

    I have dual boot WinXP and Linux on both of my work machines. I used to have an iMac G5. I miss the iMac a lot for my photography work... Neither Windows nor Linux can do it like a mac does. But I need my Windows XP for working seamlessly with my colleagues. Hell no, I won't upgrade to Vista.

    I have a humongous Sony laptop with a superb 17" 1920x1200 TFT laying there. Maybe I'll just find a OSX86 to see if it works OK as a mac-ish home computer...


    9 years ago on Introduction

    macs aren't professional enough for me :) besides even though they have steam now they suck at gaming and there is only like 3 steamgames for them.

     LOL, In the Instructable guidelines one of the examples for things not to do is "Yet another..."
    Anyway, nice instructable.
    I made my USB flash-drive into a butterfly knife (Check my profile for the slideshow, if anyone wants to see it)

    1 reply

    9 years ago on Introduction

    They are retareded and a "great" way of showng just how mature you all are!

    macs and PCs are both the same thing!  Personal computers!  No matter how you sclice it they all have a CPU a hard drive a graphics card a sound card and a display.  They both do simple and very complex computations, they can both be programmed and both of them can be destryed very easily with a few wrong clicks.  The reason that most mac enthusiastics think macs are better is because there is no such thing as a low-end mac they are all full of very powerful and expensive components.  Comparable PCs would cost just about the same and are even able to run Apple's operating system.  SO BE IT! (amen)