Yet Another Laptop Stand

Introduction: Yet Another Laptop Stand

This is a lightweight, mobile stand that was quick and easy to build, and uses cheap components. (I had all of the parts laying around the garage already.)

it offers excellent airflow and is relatively sturdy for the lightweight components used, due to the overall shape.

What you will need:

Tin Snips, or other heavy duty scissors

Tape measure


Hardware cloth

Twist tie

rubber edge molding (be creative if you don't have any)

Step 1: Measure for That 'custom' Fit

Measure the width or your laptop, this ensures a 'custom' fit. My laptop was just about 10 inches, which makes for some easy math.

Multiply your laptop's width x 3.14 (pi, to more significant digits than is needed). This is how long your strip needs to be. If you don't want to do all that math, you can just eyeball it, but you may lose that 'custom' fit.

Example: Mine was 10" x 3.14 = 31.4"

Step 2: Cutting Out Your Stand

Cut a rectangle out of the hardware cloth. The height should be as tall as you would like the back of the stand to be. In general a tall stand makes your laptop easy to see, but harder to type on.

Fold your rectangle in half across its length.

using your sharpie and the tape measure draw a straight diagonal line from a corner on the side with the fold to a spot on the other side, about an inch up from the bottom.

Keeping the Hardware cloth folded in half, cut both halves along the diagonal mark. The idea is to get both halves to be symmetrical.

Step 3: Assemble Your Stand

Form a loop with the piece you have cut out. Join the free ends together, and fasten them with a twist tie.

Now you will need to line the edges of your stand. I have some rubber edge trim that is specifically made for putting over rough edges. To be more specific my Dad had bought 100 ft of the stuff from McMaster-Carr, and I just nabbed some of his. Its pretty pricey at tens of cents per foot, but he's a generous guy. Thanks Dad.

If, however, you can not find anything like this (whether-stripping might work), and do not want to wait for an order to arrive, please post any alternatives that you come up with that work well.

Post any that don't work well also. Someone may have the same idea!

Congratulations! You have a lightweight and strong stand for your computer. It will offer great airflow, and if you want more, it should be easy to attach a fan or two to the hardware cloth.

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    3 Discussions


    11 years ago on Step 3

    Clever idea for a good utilitarian stand for the workbench, but not on the sofa, at a desk or in bed. Thanks


    11 years ago on Step 3

    nice but not so useful though...