Yet Another Usb Lamp.

Introduction: Yet Another Usb Lamp.

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There are a zillion usb lamps. This is just the one I made. One feature I made sure to add to mine was the ability to use regular batteries when a computer was not available.

Notice: soldering, mechanicals skills, and a bit of knowledge about electricity are required. Get a professional to help if you are not sure about this project. Do this project at your own risk to yourself and to your computer. I will not be responsible for any issues.

Step 1: What You Need.

1 Vienna sausage can emptied.
1 clear plastic cup.
1 Usb extension cable (you will use both ends) If you have the right cable one end will plug into the other end. If they do not, you have the wrong cable.
1 - 3 battery flashlight bulb.
1 Pringles can cover,.
3 batteries
extra wire,

Drill with various bits
wire cutters.
soldering iron

Step 2: What to Do: Part 1.

Take the usb extension cable and cut it in half.
For both ends, strip the casing off so that 4 wires are exposed.
You only need the red and black , so cut off the other two little wires on each cable.

Step 3: What to Do: Part 2.

Drill a hole int he Vienna sausage can at the bottom just large enough for the usb cable to fit.
Drill a hole in the Pringles can lid so that you can force the bulb through and be snug enough not to fall out.
Thread the cut wire end of the normal usb end through the hole in the can so it will be easy to solder the wires to the bulb without a hassle.
Glue the foil to the lid with the shiny side up.
let dry.
When dry gently press through the foil so the bulb will come through.

Step 4: What to Do: Part 3.

Time to solder the wires to the bulb. Strip the ends of the wires of a little insulation. it does not mater which goes on what side, but you want to solder one wire to the bottom of the bulb and one wire to the side of the bulb. Make sure no solder is only on the bottom and sides and are separated. The separation is usually black. If you do not keep the connections separate, you could kill your computer because of a short.

Step 5: What to Do: Part 4.

Gently take the cable and make a simple knot so that there is enough leeway to plug the lamp into the Pringles top. 
Now press the bulb into Pringles top.
Glue the Pringles top to the can.
Let dry.
Glue the cup to the pringles can top.
Let dry,
You are done for this part so leave the lamp alone for a bit.

Step 6: What to Do: Part 5.

Now it is time to make the battery for use with the lamp. You want to make this for two reasons. First to test what you have done works and not take a chance on endangering your computer. Secondly to have a way to use the lamp without the computer.

Take 3 batteries and put them together as if they were one battery (in serial not parallel) and tape them up.
Cut two pieces of wire to go from the ends of the battery to the other usb cable end..
Now strip off the insulation and tape (DO NOT SOLDER) each wire to separate ends of the batteries. Using battery holders like I did is a lot easier. You could probably use a 3 cell flashlight in a pinch. The dollar store did not have one so I could demo it that way.
Now take the other ends and connect to the wires on the usb cable. Tape over the connections to prevent a short.
If all works, the lamp should light up.

You have built a flash light! be sure to undo the wires to the batteries when you are finished so they do not get used up. 

Step 7: Done.

Now you can use your laptop where ever there is not an extra plug for a lamp or you just need a lamp for reading documents.  Pictured is my lamp connected to my really old laptop.

Danger: Do not leave wires in the sink like I did. There is 100 percent chance of electrocution and death. Cables were removed immediately after the picture was taken.

Step 8: Start of a Laptop Fan.

Most pc fans as twelve volts, but i found this one that was five volts.  Easy add-on for the laptop.

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