Yield Calculator Guide & Walkthrough

Why am I taking the time to do this? This Guide will calculate:

1. True Yield

2. Total Footages for run

Data Needed:

1. Order List for rough lumber. You can use this program for a whole run>10,000 BF or simply per pack <1,200

2. A Tally/list of the various types of rips produced.

Step 1: Enter Inputs (Rough Lumber)

1. In the first column, enter the Pack/Ticket #

2. In the second column, enter the accompanying board footage.

Step 2: Enter Outputs (Ripped Lumber)

1. For each dimension of rip produced, enter in a singular row.

2. Not all cells need to be filled. Enter ONLY what you produce. Blank cells will not effect final yield.

3. Enter value ONLY in orange cells. Green cells will automatically fill when you enter numbers in the cells.

4. As seen in the WIDTH column, a bundle of 7-8' length 3.75" rips are separated into two categories. 84" and 96", respectively.

Step 3: True Yield

1. This is your true yield. The more specific and detailed you are with your tallies, the more accurate your yield will be.

Step 4: Finished!



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    1 year ago

    Wow , Ill get right out to my timber boards and start ....err what am I doing?