Yin Bottle Opener W/ Flathead Screwdriver - Made @TechShop!

Introduction: Yin Bottle Opener W/ Flathead Screwdriver - Made @TechShop!

About: Maker/Inventor-thing [NYC x SF]

I'm getting pretty good at making bottle openers so I thought I'd work with more organic shapes.
I'm also trying to take the class for the Tormach so in a way I guess this was a test of my milling skillz B)

Sheet Metal

Metal Sheer
Bench Grinders
Files (specifically the Half-Round File)

Step 1: Measure!

Someone took my Compass so I ended up eyeing and blackening out the negative.
(It works as long as you trust yourself!)

Step 2: Na-na-na-na-Mill Time!

Use a good sized End Mill to cut through the metal (not too big, not too small).
Carefully use the X and Y axis (Use them simultaneously to feel like a BADA$$!)

Cut out the "Yang" negative and Mill the Bottle Opener Hole.

Step 3: Flatten & Shear


(Leave some room on your Work while shearing to shape on the Grinding Bench)

Step 4: Grind, File & Finish!

Use the Half-Circle File to shape
Focus attention on the lip of the Bottle Opener

Shape the Flathead accordingly

Step 5: Ta-Da!


(The Flathead won't work for all jobs so stick to just small stuff when using it)

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    Looks both cool and somewhat dangerous. In case of a Zombie breakout you would actually be armed with this one I think. Thanks for sharing.

    At first glance this reminded me of one of the blades of a gardening tool we have in our shed, I think it is used to aerate the soil. Cannot get more specific, though.