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Hello! Thanks for checking out my 'ible. Finally the 'ible my last few posts have been working up to. Kaiden's 6th birthday has just come and gone with the theme of Yo-Kai Watch. I worked on planning and preparing for this party for about 3 months. Hope you enjoy the ideas you find here and if you use any of them, I'd love to here about it! Now on with the party stuff.

Yo-Kai Watch is a pretty recently popular children's show. It's popping up all over the place. You can watch it on cable TV, Youtube, and Netflix. I have linked the first episode here for you if you haven't yet seen it.

I planned this party to have 8 games since there are 8 classes of Yo-Kai. At the start of the party, each child is given a Yo-Kai watch that I made. You can follow the 'ible to make your own here: https://www.instructables.com/id/Yo-Kai-Watch-Watch...

With these watches I made medals for each of the 8 Yo-Kai I chose to theme the games for.

I made "Yo-Kai detected" signs to post at each game's location in our venue. The 'ible for those is here: https://www.instructables.com/id/Yo-Kai-Light-Revea...

I led the children from sign to sign in the order I had planned and played the game at each one. At the end of each game, they were all given the medal for that Yo-Kai. At the end of the party each child had a collection of 8 medals to go with their watch.

The Yo-Kai chosen were:

Sergeant Burly/ Captain Bully


Cheek Squeek





Tattle Tale

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Step 1: Captain Bully

Captain Bully makes people exercise so this game/activity is very simple.

I had the kids stand side by side facing me and led them through some exercises.

We did stretches, jumping jacks, run forward, run backward and several back and forths: run to a spot, run back, do it in bunny hops, dinosaur steps, side shuffle, skipping, etc.

Step 2: Grubsnitch

Grudsnitch makes people sneak bites of food from a meal until it is all gone.

For this game I set a plate of food on a table. It had just a few foods from the party snacks: pineapple chunks, a strawberry, slice of banana, pretzels, popcorn, a marshmellow, baby carrots, a gummy and a cake ball.

Line kids up side by side facing the table about 5 feet or so away.

Get 2 adults to help by being guards. They stand at opposite ends between the kids and the table facing each other. Then they walk steadily toward one another, cross paths, and stop at the end. They wait there facing away from the kids and table for a few seconds, about the count of 3. Then they turn and walk back the way came. Picture guards on video games like the Prince of Persia. They walk the same path in the same way with the same pauses.

The kids have to wait for the guards backs to be turned and dash to the table and eat one thing from the plate and dash back without being seen when the guards turn back around.

Continue this until all the food is gone.

Step 3: Cheeksqueek

Cheeksqueek makes people fart.

This was the funniest game of course. We had a fart noise contest. Each child came up one at a time and gave their best fart noise. We had 3 adults be judges to choose the best one. Everyone got a medal at the end but the winner got theirs first.

Step 4: Heheheel

Heheheel makes people laugh.

For this game we had all the kids sit in a circle facing each other. The object of the game was not to laugh while trying to make the others laugh. The kids made faces and were generally silly. The best part is when a kid gets another to laugh, it makes him laugh too so they both get out. After a few minutes and no one else had gotten eliminated, one of the boys make a huge fart sound that effectively got half the remaining kids out and he somehow managed to keep a straight face. Continue the stare down until only one remains.

Step 5: Garagaros

Garagaros chases kids who leave home without permission.

For this game we played Sharks and Minnows.

The rules are simple. All the kids stand in a designated area at one end of the play area. This is Home. Designate the area at the other end of the play area as School.

Pick one or two people to be sharks. These people stand in the area between home and school.

Announce "minnows, go to school" and all the kids have to run through the shark territory to get to School. Anyone tagged by the sharks along the way are either (1) out of the game or (2) become sharks as well. We played where they became sharks. Anyone who made it to school is safe.

When all have passed or been caught, announce "minnows, go home". All the kids run through to home. And so on and so on til only one remains.

Step 6: Gabunyan

Gabunyan is a vampire cat Yo-Kai who turns people into his minions.

For this game we played Sardines, also known as Reverse Hide N Seek.

In regular hide and seek, one kid searches and all others hide. In Sardines, one person hides and all others seek. In this game, though, when you find the hider, you don't tell anyone, you hide with them. Everyone who finds the hider has to hide with him/her until everyone is hiding together. We played about 3 rounds.

Step 7: Jibanyan

Jibanyan is one of the main characters in the show. He is a cat Yo-Kai who was killed at an intersection when he was hit by a car. Now he haunts the intersection, inspiriting people so he can fight cars that pass for revenge. His attack is called Paws of Fury.

For this game I made a punch board like I did for our Digimon party a year or so ago, only this time I made it out of sturdier materials so I could reuse it for future parties. It was the favorite game at the Digimon party then and it was the favorite of this party too.

You can follow the 'ible to make the punch board here: https://www.instructables.com/id/Punch-Board

This game was just for the fun. The kids made a line and one at a time came up and punched a hole in the board. They got creative here and there and used their feet or even their heads.

*note* I repeatedly reminded them to punch straight in and straight out because even though the top layer is foam and that won't hurt them, the back layer is wood and if they hit that when they punch at an angle, that may hurt.

Step 8: Tattle Tale

Tattle Tale hangs from your chin and holds your ear lobes. She makes people tell the truth/ secrets.

This game takes a little prep work. First I made each child a tattle tale.

You need the Tattle Tale sheet here printed on card stock and cut out, pipe cleaners, and duck tape.

Take 2 pipe cleaners and twist them together to make one long one.

Find the center of the long pipe cleaner and lay it centered on the back of the tattle tale cut out. Tape it in place.

Now make the secret bags. Just take 6 paper lunch bags and number them 1 through 6. Put something in all but one to weigh them down. I used some packages of fun dip. In the last bag put the birthday candles. I put mine in the number 6 bag.

Write clues to figure out which bag has the candles. I wrote 6 clues. Get one adult to volunteer for each clue you have. Give one clue to each adult. My clues were:

1. It is not in bag 1 or 2.

2. It is in an even bag.

3. It is not in bag 4 or 5.

4. It is on the end.

5. It is the birthday boy's age.

6. The number has no straight lines.

For the game, the kids have to get the clues from the adults to figure out where the candles are so we can do the cake. They have to take their tattle tale and hold it up to an adult. The adults who don't have a clue will say " I don't have a clue" and those who do, will give the clue. The kids don't have to get all 6 clues. They just have to get clues until they figure out which bag it is. When they figure it out, they line up in front of the bag they think it is. When all kids have chosen, reveal the bag.

Then we moved on to the cake.

Step 9: Party Snacks

Jibanyan loves chocolate and Kaiden was fascinated by a chocolate fountain at a birthday party he had attended in the past so I decided to have one at the party. We had several things to go with the fountain: cake balls, peanut butter balls, strawberries, bananas, gummy candy, pineapple chunks, kettle corn, marsh mellows, and pretzel sticks. To hold the skewers, I decorated some jars.

To make the jars: get a mason jar, ribbon, and duck tape.

Print the character sheet here on card stock or photo paper and cut them out.

Cut a length or ribbon to wrap the jar. Roll some tape to stick in place. Roll some tape on the back of a character and stick it on the jar where the ribbon overlaps. Simple and cute.

Step 10: Goodies

I made goodie bags for the kids to take at the end of the party. The 'ible for those is here: https://www.instructables.com/id/Jibanyan-Party-Fav...

In the goodie bags were several things including a pencil, crayons, markers, candy, erasers, and a coloring book I made.

The cake was made at the local grocery store bakery using an image I edited on photoshop to read happy B-day Kaiden on a Jibanyan medal.

Continue to the last step for the coloring pages.

Step 11: Coloring Book

Print out the pages.

Fold them in half top to bottom with pictures facing out.

Fold in half again so that it is a mini book with an image on every side.

Use a little glue from a glue stick to glue the open corners closed.

Lay open the cover page with the cover facing down. Stack the rest of the pages one on top of the other on top of the cover page. One of the pages has a 2 page spread image. Make sure that is the last page you add so that is in the middle of the book.

Make sure to align the folds.

Make sure the pages are in a clean, straight stack and staple on the fold near the top and bottom.

Fold book closed to finish.

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    3 years ago

    Hi, great party! i was wondering how you made the logo with the name on it. (Kaiden's yokai birthday) can you make one with my son's name on it?


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks! I made the logo on photoshop. I sell it in my etsy shop called MimicNecho. If you know photoshop, i can email you the file and you can edit it yourself if youd like


    Reply 3 years ago

    No, unfortunately, i don't know how to use photoshop..i only use words/publisher.