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Kaiden's 6th birthday is later this month and I have been hard at work planning his party for over a month now. He has chosen Yo-Kai Watch as the theme this year. The 'ible for the party plan will be up later this month and I will link it here.

Yo-Kai Watch is a rather weird kids' show. You can watch it on disney XD, Youtube, and Netflix. Its about a normal 10 year kid who finds a Yo-Kai in a capsule vending machine in the woods and the yo-kai he finds there gives him the yo-kai watch. The watch lets him see yo-kai, which are ghosts. The watch is a HUGE part of the show of course so it is definitely needed at the party.

You can buy a Yo-Kai Watch for $20 at walmart. It has the see through dome on top that opens when you push the button and you buy medals to put in the watch. Each medal makes a summoning song play for that yo-kai.

In the show, the dome opens, it shines a light, and it makes noises.

I decided to see if I could make a watch from cardboard and to make it cool, make it light up too.

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Step 1: Print

Here are the things you need to print for this project.

The first is the pattern for the watch. Print this out on regular paper or on card stock. You will cut the pieces out and trace them on cardboard to make the watch. The 5th one on the bottom of the page will be traced on plastic.

The second one is the watch face. Print this on regular paper or card stock. This will be glued to the watch face.

The last one is for the medals. Print this on sticker paper. This sheet will make 3 sets of 8 medals.

Since this is for a party, I will be making 20 of these so I made these sheets with as many as I could fit. You will only need one watch face and one set of medals

Step 2: Materials

This is all the things you will need to make this project.

- the printables from the last step

- scissors

- glue gun and sticks

- cardboard *cut out all the pieces from the pattern*

- red and black wire

- electrical tape

- coin cell battery *regular 3v is perfect, I accidentally ordered the wrong thing and got thick 1.5v ones so I need 2* this is what I ordered: http://www.amazon.com/LOOPACELL-LR44-AG13-357-Butt...

- switch *normally open* http://www.ebay.com/itm/10pcs-6x6x5mm-Tactile-Tact...

- LED *I took mine from an LED tea light candle from dollar tree*

- clear plastic *I used plastic card protectors*

- Small clear containers *dollar tree 10 pack*

- party favor coins *dollar tree 30 pack*

- ribbon *dollar tree*

- velcro dots *dollar tree*

Step 3: Accommodate the Battery and Switch

This 'ible will be how to make this watch with the 1.5v batteries I used. It is the same concept with a regular 3v coin cell battery, but less work. If you use a normal coin cell battery, you don't need these holes. You can just tape the battery directly on the last layer of the watch. Unfortunately, I created more work for myself by ordering the wrong thing.

These batteries are much thicker than a typical coin cell and they are only 1.5v so I will need 2 batteries to power the LED. This means I have to accommodate them in the design.

Take the 2 cardboard pieces with the notches cut out of them. Trace the battery in the center of one. Cut out the circle with an exacto knife. Align this piece with the other notched piece and trace the hole to make sure the holes align right. Cut out the hole from the second piece.

Take one of the two large pieces without a notch and trace and cut the hole in the same way.

This is also a good time to cut out a notch for the switch. The switches I ordered are very small. They fit perfectly straddling these 2 notched pieces. Stack the two notched pieces and lay switch down on the edge. Trace the sides and estimate the depth. Cut out the notch in both pieces.

Step 4: Glue the Center

Use the hot glue to glue the 2 notched pieces together.

Step 5: Glue the Rings

Take the 3 large rings and glue them together in a stack.

*ignore the numbers in the photo, that was to keep track of how many I had traced*

Step 6: Glue the Window

If you haven't already traced the pattern on the plastic, do so and cut it out.

Take the small ring and the plastic. Glue around the edge of the plastic or around the back of the ring and stick them together.

Step 7: Glue the Rings

Glue the small ring window to the other rings.

Step 8: Add Face and Rings

To find the placement for the watch face, first align the rings on the large piece without the battery hole. Slide the watch face in place. Remove the rings. Glue the watch face on.

Now glue the rings in place.

Step 9: Make Room for Medals

Try to slide one of the plastic coins into the watch. It probably wont fit. You need to make room for it.

Use a pair or scissors to press into the cardboard of the bottom ring on both interior sides. This will make a channel for the medal to slide in. Press in a little and test the coin fit. Then press a little more and test and so on until the medal fits snugly but not too hard to remove.

Step 10: Make the Medals

The medals are super simple to make. Just cut out the circles from the sticker paper. Peel the backing off and stick them on the coins. The fronts and backs are paired. The Yo-Kai on one side and the tribe symbol on the back.

Step 11: Battery Door

We need to make a door to cover the battery hole. Cut a rectangle of cardboard large enough to cover the battery hole. Hot glue down one side.

Step 12: Wiring

Now the fun part, making it work. The first picture is my little circuit diagram. We will use a red wire to go from the positive side of the LED to the pin of the switch, another red wire to go from the opposite pin diagonally on the switch to the positive side of the battery, and a black wire to go from the negative side of the battery to the negative leg of the LED.

First we need to cut off 2 pieces of red wire and 1 of black. Strip the ends of the wires.

You should test the circuit before securing it to make sure it is done correctly.

When you are ready to secure it grab the switch and the two red wires.

Wrap the two wires around the correct prongs of the switch. Carefully use the hot glue to secure them.

Put a little hot glue in the notch for the switch. Slide the switch into place on the cardboard and press into the glue.

Step 13: Secure the Positive Wire

Gather the center notched piece with the switch and the back piece with the battery door.

Use the scissors or a pencil to carve a little trench near the battery hole on the back piece like in the photo. This will accommodate the wire so the stripped end will lay on the battery door.

Put a little hot glue in the trench and press the red wire from the back side of the middle piece into it.

Put hot glue all over the back piece except in the battery hole and press the center piece into place. Make sure to get all that red wire in between the two pieces.

Now you should have one piece with one red wire on the top.

You need to secure the battery door as well. Either use a little hot glue to keep it shut or tape or a little velcro.

Step 14: Wire the LED

Get the LED and bend the legs around the cardboard to fit it into the notch.

Remove the LED and wrap the black wire around the negative leg. Hot glue it in place.

Wrap the red wire from the switch around the positive leg and hot glue it in place.

Put a little hot glue in the notch and press the LED into place.

Now the only loose wire is the black one.

Step 15: Finish the Circuit

Put the batteries in the hole positive side down.

Lay the black wire against the battery and press the button to test the circuit.

If it works, use the electrical tape to secure the wire against the battery.

If it doesn't work, review the previous steps and check your wiring.

Step 16: Put It All Together

Time to glue the top half to the bottom half.

The wires and hot glue may take up too much space to make a tight, flat alignment, so you may want to carve some dents to accommodate them in the bottom of the top half.

Test the fit with the dents. When you are satisfied, hot glue the the two halves together.

Step 17: Making the Dome

This is the best I could come up with for the dome for the least cost. I wanted to use the clear part of the capsules from the egg machine like at wal-mart but they cost a little much to be making 20. I found these little containers at the dollar tree for a pack of 10.

The only problem is they are a little too wide and too tall so they need to be trimmed.

Use a sharp tool like an exacto knife to carve a line into the container about half of the depth all the way around.

Its a little difficult to make it straight and even, and it wont be exact but it'll work.

Use the carved line as a guide to cut it with the exacto.

Step 18: Attach the Dome

Test the fit of the dome. It should be a perfect fit over the small ring.

To attach it, we need to make a hinge.

Cut out a small rectangle of cardboard that will reach from the bottom of the ring stack, bend over the top of the big rings and run up the side of the dome.

Hot glue the hinge to the big rings.

Hot glue the top of the hinge to the dome.

Step 19: Add a Band

Gather the velcro, ribbon, and some cardboard.

Cut a thin strip of cardboard. Cut small rectangles from it that will fit across the top and bottom of the watch bottom.

Cut a length of ribbon that is a little bigger than your wrist circumference.

You can use a whole velcro dot or cut them in half.

First lay the ribbon down the center of the watch back like shown.

Put a dot of glue on both sides of the ribbon above the battery door.

Press a cardboard rectangle into the glue. The ribbon should still be free to move.

Do the same below the battery door.

Fold over one end of the ribbon. Put a piece of velcro on. This ribbon is really thin so the adhesive goes through it too much if you don't double the ribbon like this.

Put the watch on the wearer and wrap the ribbon around to see where you should put the other velcro piece. Remember that you have to fold the end over.

Remove the watch and place the velcro. Test the fit.

Once it fits right, you are done!

Personalize your watch if you like, then go find some Yo-kai!

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