Yoda Pumpkin

Introduction: Yoda Pumpkin

This year I carved a Yoda pumpkin it took me around two hours to do and I had fun doing it, its not the best, but its the effort and fun you have that counts.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

These are all the tools I used to create my Yoda pumpkin, these tools are easily brought from a pack of carving tools and sometimes like mine it came with stencils.

Step 2: Lay Down Paper to Carve On

I laid old magazines down for a area to carve my pumpkin so I will have a place to put all of the guts of the pumpkin and it made clean up much easier.

Step 3: Gutting the Pumpkin

This part was very messy, I had to go in and scrape out all of the seed with the scrapper/scooper tool. I went around all the sides inside of the pumpkin and went into the pumpkin through the whole I cut in through the top of the pumpkin then with my hands I grabbed the guts of the pumpkin and pulled them out.

Step 4: Taping Down the Stencil

This part was a bit of a hassle because the stencil must lay down flat on a pumpkin, it took a few minutes to get it down flat, but I got it down. The I taped the stencil down to hold it onto the pumpkin.

Step 5: Poking Holes Into the Pumpkin Around the Stencil.

This part is very tedious and took a lot of time to do because I had to go all around the stencil to make sure when I cut it with the saw it would not bend the saw and it would be much easier to cut through and follow the design of the stencil. This part was one of the parts that took the longest to complete.

Step 6: Carving the Pumpkin

After I poked all the holes in my pumpkin I began to carve the pumpkin using the saw and following the dots of the stencils to get my Yoda face in my pumpkin.This part took awhile as well b

Step 7: Cleaning Holes

I took some paper towels and the pointy tool then shoved the paper towel through the holes of the carved pumpkin to help clean it up and make it look a bit better.

Step 8: Displaying the Finished Pumpkin

I finished the pumpkin off by placing a candle on the inside of it and lighting it, that's my Yoda pumpkin finished.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Your Yoda pumpkin looks great. I love the way it turned out!