How to Make Your Cleansing Cream



Nourish your skin with your Yoghurt Cleansing Cream for ultra sensitive skin! Wonderful to remove make-up gently without irritating the skin. Make your-self!

Ingredients :

- 50g of whole yoghurt
- 10g of Acacia Honey
- 1 coffee spoon of wheat germ oil
- 1/2 peeled appel blended in a food procecer
- 1 soup spoon of lemon juice
- 10g of potato starch
- 5 drops of lavender essential oil

Ustensils :
- a salad bowl
- a wood spoon
- a pot
- aluminium foil
- a cap
- a label

Making :
Mix all ingredient in the salad bowl with the wood spoon. Pour the blending in your pot. Cover it with the aluminum foil and close the cap. Stick a label on it and keep your mixing in your fridge.

Try it!



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