Soy Yogurt Using the Easiyo System or Any UHT Milk




Introduction: Soy Yogurt Using the Easiyo System or Any UHT Milk

Make your own yogurt using the Easiyo system

I was given one of these for Christmas and I have found it very easy to use as the name suggests.
But the sachets of dried yogurt I have found to be quite expensive.
 If you do have one (I would not go out and buy one if these, but free is OK) , you don't need to buy the dried sachets.
You can make yogurt with Skimmed , Semi skimmed, full fat or Soy milk.

 I am using UHT milk as there is no need to heat it at all

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Step 1: What You Will Need

What you will need (this presumes that you have an Easiyo maker already but it could be adapted to use other methods).

The Easiyo maker.
1 Liter of UHT milk in a carton AT ROOM TEMPERATURE -  ANY KIND OF MILK as the method and ingredients are the same.
Up to 4 tablespoons of dried skimmed milk powder. This makes it thicker, you could use less
2 to 3 tablespoons of LIVE yoghurt. The starter THIS IS STRAIGHT FROM THE FRIDGE
Boiling water, enough to fill the Easiyo up to the top of the red baffle as detailed in the manufactures instructions

Step 2: The Milk Goes In

The heat needed is produced adding boiling water to the easiyo maker in step 4

Fill the yogurt maker jar with half the milk and add the skimmed milk powder and mix well.
Then add some more milk to just below the top and mix again.
(Optional – sugar / honey could be added now to sweeten it)

Step 3: Add the Live Starter

The live starter goes in & is given a gentle stir.
It is used straight from the fridge as it must be cold
If it's at room temperature it might die when placed into the hot water in next step.

Top up with some more milk to the top (As in manufactures instructions)

Step 4: Start the Growing Process

Fill the Easiyo with boiling water and then place the jar (with its lid) in the water and close the main lid.

Then wait...for at least 8 hours.

Step 5: A While Later

The yogurt should be set in about 8 but can be left up to 24 hours.

Step 6: Variations & Trouble Shooting

The above method is not dairy free so the skimmed milk & starter could be substituted for dried soy milk powder and a soy yogurt starter.

I have not yet tried this so I do not know how well it would perform.

 If you were to use fresh milks from the fridge:
This must be heated. This will kill off bad bacteria that will stop the good bacteria multiplying (long life UHT milk has already had this done).
Allow to cool before using.

If you like your yogurt a little bit runny stir in some the whey that is left in the jar.

 If you want an even thicker yogurt drain the whey off, it is full of protein so it can be added to soups or stocks or frozen. 

What went wrong?
Too hot and the bacteria will die.
Too cold and they will not multiply enough.
Not enough lactose / sugars and they go hungry

Its just runny milk?
The starter did not work well. Maybe it was too old or most of the cultures had died.
Too much starter can cause it not to set as well (unlikely)
Have you left it for at least 8 hours?
Was the temperature right? This includes where the yogurt maker is left to work its magic if its left in a cold place it will take much longer.

Its set but there is a yellowish liquid as well.
This is the whey, it can be strained off

It only half set / still lots of liquid.
This some times happens if there are not enough sugars / lactose for the bacteria to feed on.

It may also have been too cold for them to grow ensure everything is at room temperature except the starter.

More powdered milk was needed to increase the lactose, this gets digested before you eat it but try a small bit first if you are intolerant.

Leave it a few more hours to see if it sets some more.
Or strain it through some coffee filter paper to remove excess liquid and enjoy.

Its too sweet.
 Leave it longer 

 Its too bitter.
 Its been left too long or add something to make it sweeter 

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    3 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    These instructions are fool-proof. Thank you so, so, so much for posting this method, guinness0001! I'm on my third batch and have been responsible for 3 more Easiyo barrel sales amongst my friends. *grin*


    8 years ago on Introduction

    The EasiYo soy sachets make horrible yoghurt. I prefer this method.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Great post.

    I personally do not eat yoghurt, but I like making it. I really like the EasiYo kit. You are right the sachets can be very expensive and I have not been able to find the Soy sachets, even though I am sure I saw it on a leaflet. Now I can use the canister for making it again.