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Introduction: Yokai From Big Hero 6 Body Paint

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I decided to do a Disney villein! I chose to do Yokai from big hero 6. =) I LOVE THAT MOVIE! X) So anyways, if you could please like the video if you liked it and help support me by subscribing to my youtube page! <3 Thank you everyone for your support. =D

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Step 1: Trying to Sketch It Out

Taking my white eyeliner I sketched out the look, it didn't work that well. XD

Step 2: Eyes

I then took black body paint from wolfee effects and outlined the eye shape over the top of my lid. It's almost like a cat wing. Then I took yellow from Mehron and filled it in, I then set the yellow with a yellow eye shadow from NYX's ultimate brights eye shadow pallet.

Step 3: Some Red

I added a red line with red body paint from Mehron under the eye and then on the inner corner of my eyes I added a triangle.

Step 4: Red Lines on Forehead

Taking that same red body paint I drew a line going from those triangles up to the forehead, I then made a sharp turn outward then up. (yeah....) then I filled it all in.

Step 5: More Lines!

Taking the same red body paint I added the two lines going between the eyes. The top one is more of a triangle shape and the bottom is more round.

Step 6: Black Detail

Using that same black from before I added the black detail going on above the eyes.. I don't know how to describe it. It's best to look at a reference photo.


Taking the same red body paint I went on the sides of my nose (or just about the sides of my nose) and I painted some lines going out toward my ears. Almost like a really odd mustache.

Step 8: White

I then took a white body paint from diamond FX and covered the rest of my face and also my hair.

Step 9: Back

I used that some black body paint to cover my ears and then bottom of my face (lip and chin)

Step 10: Shadow!

Taking a gray eye shadow I shadowed one side of my face. I just went off the reference photo that I got off google and in the picture he had a heavy shadow on one side and I decided to do that too.

Step 11: Body

I painted my whole body black

Step 12: Details

Using a white body paint I added the detail lines and then while the paint was still wet I blended it out.

Step 13: Silver

I took a silver body paint from mehron and added a button and a zipper. I also made it look like there was pull marks by the button with white.

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    3 years ago

    I usually watch most all your creations. You do great work. But I have to ask, what do you do when you make a mistake? Do you have to wash it off and redo or what?


    Reply 3 years ago

    I just take a makeup remover wipe and try to remove the mistake, but there have been times where I have to remove everything in a shower or something and start over completely. Haha I think I've only done that twice.