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Introduction: Yondu's Crystal Frog From Guardians of the Galaxy

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I am not a jewelry maker. Nor do I have access to precious or semi-precious stones. I do have some plastic gems, some wire and glue to try and recreate this "cute little bugger" as seen on Guardians of the Galaxy, specifically Yondu's console.

Follow this instructable to make your very own, no soldering required!

Guardians of the Galaxy (c) Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

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Step 1: Materials

For this project you will need:

Various flat backed plastic cobalt-blue gems/ oval glass pieces

Aluminum wire tires

Silver duct tape

Silver jewelry wire

Cheap plastic crowns

Tiny white rhinestones

Hot Glue


Wire cutters/pliers

Step 2: Draw It Out

If you ever find yourself looking for something that doesn't exist, your best bet is to make it yourself. That is basically what I had to do in order to get a replica of Yondu's little frog trinket.

Even worse there weren't many pictures online to reference. I did my best and drew out the way I saw this little guy from screen shots.

Step 3: Forming the Framework

The great thing about aluminum ties is that they are easy to bend.

Start by forming the spine of your frog's skeleton. bend so that it curves around your biggest jewel or glass piece.

Next, make two identical arms that you will want to hold up the head later. I loosely secured these with some silver ductape cut into thin strips.

You can begin forming the legs and figure out how they will sit. Ideally, the elbows should rest on top of the knees. You can secure the joint where the legs meet the bottom of the spine with more silver tape.

Loosely fit the stone to see how it will fit together.

For added support, wrap some silver jewelry wire around the joints. You may find they are still just a little flexible.

Step 4: Fingers and Toes

Fingers and toes will help add support to this frog.

These are made by wrapping wire around the ends of the limbs. Don't be afraid to wrap like crazy. It helps to start with a long loop for each finger or toe and then begin wrapping around the loop to for added strength. You can wrap more silver tape on them if you need.

Step 5: Gluing

I know a jewelry maker would never use hot glue. But this is a craft replica. Hot glue the stone in place. You may have to rework the frame work a little but you will find that the dried glue peels right off to start over and bend your limbs exactly where the need to go. Hold in place until set but be careful not to burn yourself.

Take two large oval flat-back gems and glue together for the head.

Take a thin strip of silver tape and wrap round the diameter on two of your smallest gems.

Then glue those smaller gems on top of the head. Once set, glue the whole head onto the hands that will hold it up.

Step 6: Sparkle Time

Take your plastic crowns and start chopping them up in little pieces (think the Mean Girls prom scene).
These little pieces will be hot glued onto your limbs to give a sparkly appearance.
Between gaps glue tiny white rhinestones using a dab of hot glue or E6000.

You can add sparkles to the back side if you choose to as well. I wasn't totally happy with the way his back looked but I added some anyway.

Step 7: Test Him Out

See if he will stand on his own. You may have to bend the legs slightly. I ended up adding a "kickstand" to his back side to help him sit up right.

Step 8: Put Him on Your Console

Get rid of hot glue strings and polish with a dry towel. Now line him up on your console with all your other cute little buggers.

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    4 years ago

    not bad considering from lack of detail from the movie, you did a good job improvising with what you had. good job!


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! I tried. Screen shots are hard to work with lol.

    WYN soldier
    WYN soldier

    4 years ago

    Thats so cuuteee :) thanks for sharing have a good day :)


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you for viewing. Glad you like it :)