Yoshi ( Sufficatingly Warm )

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Warning. This took me weeks to make and I didn't enjoy making it. Once I got started I was determined to finish. So here goes.
   I started with the headpiece.There may be an easier way, but I made a wire frame in the shape I wanted it. The wire frame is covered with thin foam rubber, then topped with thin batting and finally green fur . The fur was hand sewn onto the wire frame.Making everything perfectly symetrical was the biggest challenge. I had to push bits of fiberfill here and there to even everything out.I allowed an large opening under the snout for visibility.The eyes are white and black felt sewn on. The nostrils are black felt.
   THE BODY I made by hanging a wire frame of the body shape from a beam in my garage. I used butcher paper to make a pattern.
I then sewed the fur together leaving one side open so  the fur could be pulled over the wire frame and hand-sewn in place. The legs and arms were then hand-sewn to the body. Lastly, I made gloves  to match. The feet are giant sneaker like slippers.
   The headpiece slips on and stays in place with a baseball cap glued inside.
   The body opens in the back and zips up. A felt turtle shell snaps over the zipper on the back.

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