"You Are My Rock!" Wedding Wishes From Friends & Family

Great idea to put out at weddings, let your guests write wishes for the Bride and Groom for them to cherish.

The Bride and Groom can see all their friends and family's wedding advice for them.

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Step 1: Go Out and Collect Rocks. You Can Also Buy Them.

The type of rocks you should be looking for are medium sized smooth rocks. The rock should be able to fit in your hand.

Step 2: Wash All the Rocks and Let Them Dry.

Make sure there is no dirt. To clean them used warm water and a few drops of soap.

Step 3: Now Lay Out All the Rocks on a Table at Your Wedding!

Leave out a sharpie and a vase for your guests to put the rocks in.

If you are having a larger wedding you could put out a few vases or a large bucket!

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    3 Discussions

    I wish I would have done this for my wedding. Some of my relatives have now passed away and I would have loved to have a piece of their heart to place in my garden to see daily and keep forever.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Inexpensive and fantastic idea for that personal touch! It would be a great keepsake to place on the mantel or buffet table in your new home for long-lasting memories. A part of your loved ones will always be with you in a positive way.


    4 years ago

    Adorable! I love this idea. Someday I'll use this when I get married :)