You Blow My Mind Creeper Valentine!




Introduction: You Blow My Mind Creeper Valentine!

My children are obsessed with Mine Craft and they really wanted a Creeper. So of course I thought instead of hearts and the everyday valentine, what if I made a creeper valentine full of surprises! If you are a Mine Craft follower you know that they explode all over you so I thought it would be cute to have a body full of candy, legs full of candy and it wouldn't be quite complete with out some sort of exploding factor. Well sort of, I filled the head with those pop-its you get on the fourth of July. You know the ones you throw down on any hard surface and they pop. So this is how to construct this tasty exploding Creeper. Also since it is filled with candy, when you shake it, it makes a sound similar to that of a creeper approaching you in the game getting ready to explode!

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
Green tissue paper
Green poster board
2 Boxed candy of your choice ( i went with reeces pieces)
Candy of your choice to fill the legs ( my kids like tic tacs)
hot glue gun
pop its or a party popper
square paper box template ( I just googled square paper box templates and found one that I liked)
Not shown a black marker

Step 2: Make Your Paper Boxes

First find a template that you like and print off a small version and a larger version. Here is a link to the template that I used, I just copied it into word and for the head I made it as big a one sheet of paper and for the legs I just left it its original size. Then I cut it out and then traced it onto the poster board. You will need to trace it four times for the four legs and then trace the larger head one just once. Then cut them out ( this is longest part of this whole project) and fold where it says to fold and start taping or gluing your box together. Leave the top open.

Step 3: Fill Your Boxes

Now you can fill your boxes with candy, not your big boxes of candy those are for the body. So my legs are filled with the tic tacs. Tape shut and now you have your legs.  The head is filled with the pop-its.

Step 4: Making the Body

Next tape together your boxes of candy so that it makes for a thicker body. Then wrap them with the tissue paper like a present. Which after I did that I realized my tissue paper and my poster board weren't quite the same green so then I went a head and wrapped over the tissue paper with the left over poster board so that it would all match a little better. You may not have to do the if yours already match. Now you can also add your face by either free hand drawing it on or print one off and cut it out and attach it. Almost done!

Step 5: Assemble and Done!

Lastly you have to assemble all the parts. Warm up your hot glue gun and begin with the legs. And then before I attached the head I made a little tag that said " You Blow My Mind" and had it stick outta the head like unto a Hershey kiss. Then taped it shut, glued it on and there you have it. If you have someone in your life who loves Creepers as much as my 6 year old and 3 year old they will love this edible exploding Creepy valentine!



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    Haha LOL that'ssssssss a nice insssssstructable you've got there.It would be a sssssshame if something were to happpen to it.....................................

    1 reply

    I am so glad everyone likes the creeper. I made it while my daughter was at school and when she came home and saw it she was so excited. They were jumping around and shaking it at each other saying it was going to blow up. Then they got to open it and find all the surprises. I was a hero for a day!

    This is awesome , will be trying this with my 2 nieces tomorrow great share

    These really do "BLOW MY MIND" with AWESOMENESS!!! I especially like the added sound effects. 1 suggestion: maybe add a link to the template you used for your boxes, so mine can turn out as nice :)

    2 replies

    I have now edited my instructable and added a link to the template under the " making your paper boxes" section. Thanks for the tip!