You Can Can Carrots

Introduction: You Can Can Carrots

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The same time the Roma tomatoes were on sale, carrots were as well. I bought 20 lbs of carrots. 

I canned carrots last year, and really enjoyed having them in my root cellar.  They are a quick addition to soups, stews, fried potatoes, or anything you can think of.

Used as a side dish, heated and mashed, heated and served with melted butter and honey.

Canned carrots are wonderful.

Step 1: Gathering the Equipment

24 – 28 - 1 quart/litre size Mason jars. Any brand will work nicely.

Lids and rings - make sure you buy/have the right size for your jars
Large bowl (for the peeled carrots)
Small pot of boiling water to simmer the seals & rings in (I like to rings to be warm when placed on the seals)
A chef's knife
Measuring spoons
Jar lifter for grabbing those hot jars
Canning funnel for filling the jars
Magnetic lid lifter – for taking the hot seals and rings out of the water
Canning Jar Wrench – I use this to empty the hot water out of the waiting jars (saves your fingers)
Pressur Canner/Cooker

Step 2: Peeling the Carrots

Wash the carrots, then peel them.

My assistant (my wonderful husband) peeled the carrots for me.  I was busy washing wine bottles and filtering my homemade wine.

Step 3: Clean and Sterilize the Jars

Being a busy day, I loaded my dishwasher with all the jars, put it on the Wash and Sterilize cycle.

If you don't have a dishwasher, wash jars in hot soapy  water, rinse well. 

Step 4: Cutting the Carrots

I chopped half the carrots in to in quarters for stews and soups.

The other half I slice - these can be heated, glazed with melted butter and honey and served. 

Step 5: Filling the Jars

Before packing the jars put 1/2 cup vinegar and two inches hot water in the pressure canner.

The jars do not have to be kept hot, as this is a cold-pack method of pressure canning.

Place the canning funnel in the jar before filling.  This keeps the edges of the jar clean.

Put  1 tsp salt in the jar before adding the carrots.

Any good table salt will do - my preference is sea salt.

Fill jar, packing the carrots as tight as you can.

Pack all the jars.

Once jars are packed pour boiling water in the jar over the carrots, leaving 1 inch head space. 

Place seal and ring on jar, tighten.  Place the jar in pressure canner.

Repeat till canner is full (22 quart canner holds 7 quart jars per load)

Step 6: Processing (Canning) the Carrots!!

Make sure the water in the canner in no hight than 2 inches before processing.

Once canner is full, put the cover on, secure and lock.

Canning pressure is 10lbs - adjust the weights for 10 lbs pressure.

Process time for up 1000 ft above sea level  is 30 minutes.

If the altitude you live at is over 1000 ft  above sea level - pressure is set to 15 lbs, processing time is still 30 minutes.

Turn burner onto high.

When canner gets up to pressure the weighted gauge will start a furious dance. Lower the temperature to medium high - so the weight gauge is slowly jiggling.

Step 7: Carrots Are Canned!!

Once the processing time is complete, remove canner from the burner and allow to cool.

Once you no longer hear steam escaping from the canner it is safe to remove the lid.

With a processing time of 30 minutes at 10 lbs pressure it will take 20 to 40 minutes for the canner to finish pressurizing.

Remove the lid, carefully - lifting away from your body so the hot steam does not drip on you.

Remove the jars with the jar lifter, wipe off and place on towel in a draft free area to cool.

Jars will be fully cooled in 24 hours.

As the jars cool, and create the vacuum seal you will hear a distinctive pop.

I will capture the sound in one of my next instructables for you.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for sharing this! I am looking forward to next years garden. Have a splendorous day!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    So am I, going to can Butternut Squash this weekend, great for soup in the winter