You Can Fly a Piece of Paper

Introduction: You Can Fly a Piece of Paper

Is it possible to fly a piece of paper. Believe me, it is possible.
I have done this more than 3 decades ago. It is a kite made with a piece of paper. And it is very simple and easy to make it.
It is a relaxing activity to do with moderate wind speed especially in the evening time with a beautiful sunset. Watching a piece of paper floating in the breeze make you feel calm and content.

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Step 1: Choose a Piece of Paper

You need to choose a piece of A4 size paper which is not too heavy. Normally those sheets from any workbook should be suitable.

Step 2: Fold the Paper

Then you fold the paper in the middle along the shorter width. Open the paper and fold side towards to center fols made in the previous step to form a W shape. Look at the attached photo for reference.

Step 3: Tie a Thread to Make a Kite

To make a kite, tie a thread to hold both 'legs' of the kite. There are two way to do that. One method uses thin short sticks. The other one without using any sticks but tie thread directly to the paper. But you need to make holes to the paper kite.

Step 4: Method One: Using Short Thin Sticks

Tie a thread to two short thin sticks. Then put the sticks to each of the holes and make a knot which balances the kite.

Step 5: Method Two: Tie Directly to the Paper Without Using Sticks

Tie a thread to the holes directly. Then make a knot.

Step 6: How to Fly a Paper Kite

You can fly the kite if it is breezy. If there is no breeze, you may need to run from one end of the playground to the other end so that the kite can reach certain height to catch some winds and stay afloat. You may add paper tail to make it more stable. You can draw on the kite and put some colours to make it more beautiful.

Step 7: Final Notes

To fly such a kite, you need to note a few things. The paper should be light. The thread should be thin and not to heavy. Thin sewing thread will do just fine. Heavy thread will cause the kite not flying high enough to stay afloat. And strong wind may 'destroy and fold' the kite and the kite will not take off.

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