You Need to Try a Gin Gin Mule

Introduction: You Need to Try a Gin Gin Mule

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So, you've probably tried a Moscow Mule, but have you ever enjoyed its cousin, the Gin Gin Mule? Made with gin, lime, mint and Ginger Beer its a drink that even those of you who don't appreciate gin will enjoy.

Watch the video above for more detailed instructions, and a bit of fun!

Step 1: In an Iced Shaker Cup Combine:

Fill a shaker cup with four or five ice cubes and into it add:

1.25 oz. on Gin (we enjoy Bombay Sapphire)

The juice from a quarter of a lime

One fresh sprig of mint,

Step 2: Add Some Ginger Beer . . .

Now, cover your shaker cup and shake the ingredients up for a few seconds. This will mix them all together nicely and bruise the mint so its essence will be added to the flavors. Pour out the contents of the cup, ice and all, into a 10 oz glass and then fill it up the rest of the way with a good Ginger Beer (lots to choose from these days!)

Step 3: Add a Lime and You're Done!

Finally, garnish your drink with a lime and find a friend to make a toast to the Holiday Season! The Gin Gin Mule is one of The SuperTenders Favorite Drinks, and now we hope its one of yours too.

Don't forget to check out our video up above and watch for us on YouTube and Facebook!

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The SuperTenders
The SuperTenders

5 years ago

Glad to hear you tried the drink, jimcathers! I think I'll have to pick up some mint tomorrow!tomorrow


5 years ago

Oooh, yes I do need to try that. Sounds delicious!