You Rock Guitar Midi Controller With Bluetooth BLE and Rechargeable Battery

Introduction: You Rock Guitar Midi Controller With Bluetooth BLE and Rechargeable Battery

In this tutorial I will show you how to turn Guitar You Rock Guitar in a midi Bluetooth 4.0 controller with rechargeable battery. The solution was simple but had to think about it.

This system has been tested with iMac, iPad and iPhone

The material we need is as follows:

  • You Rock Guitar midi controller (
  • m1.1 wirelles midi interface (
  • Power bank 5V 1A (Anyone in the market, recommended 5600mAh)
  • MIDI connector (5 pin 180 degrees) male
  • MIDI connector (5 pin 180 degrees) female
  • 20 cm three-wire cable.

Step 1: Create the MIDI Cable

Make the MIDI cable with two connectors and the piece of cable. This is necessary because the mi.1 connector does not fit perfectly on You Rock Guitar and need this extension.

Step 2: Connect the MIDI Cable With Mi.1

Connect the MIDI cable with mi.1 in MIDI output connector. The mi.1 has two connectors, one for MIDI IN and MIDI OUT. The MIDI OUT is what interests us.

Step 3: Connect the Power Bank

Connect the Power Bank with USB You Rock Guitar hose to the Mini USB connector. Connect the MIDI cable to the MIDI output of the You Rock Guitar.

Step 4: Testing the System

Turn on the You Rock Guitar MAC and open the Audio MIDI Setup to make pairing with mi.1 (previously we must have Bluetooth enabled on your computer).

Magic! The system switches seamlessly and Bluetooth communication is perfect. It's time to try GarageBand, Logic Pro X ... The latency is negligible!

For iPad, turn on Bluetooth and you have to use any APP have the option to connect MIDI BLE, for example Midiflow, Garageband, Midimittr ...

How to connect mi.1 to iPad through Midimittr

Step 5: Final Thoughts

To avoid this whole system hanging cord so the Power Bank can be placed in the back by any adhesive or other fastening system (no screws to avoid damaging the guitar).

With respect to MIDI cable with mi.1 you can leave it as well not bother.

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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago

    I'm considering the option of placing the mi.1 inside the guitar, and even the power bank, but this in another story ...


    4 years ago

    That looks great! I love all the things that can be done with midi!