You As Lord Voldemort

Introduction: You As Lord Voldemort

This is my first instructable.... and I will admit it is not the greatest but anyway I am going to show you how to turn someone into Lord Voldemort using the free photo manipulation program: GIMP.

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Step 1: Get Your Model

For this I used a picture where the subject had a face right towards the camera. I think it works best if you don't have them looking directly at the camera. Have them do a straight face against a plain background.

Step 2: Eyes

For the eyes get your Free-Select tool and outline the iris. Once there is a marching ants effect around the iris make a new layer. Make sure the layer is on transparent. Next, get your paint brush and fill in the selection red. Lower the layer opacity to the desired effect and erase the pupil with the erase tool. Now go up to Select and in the drop down click select None. Repeat the process on the other eye. when the eyes are done it should look like the last picture.

Step 3: I-Warp

After you are done with the eyes got to Layer in the drop down click New from Visible. With the new from visible selected go to Filters Distorts IWarp. Once IWarp is open play with it til you get slightly Voldemortic expressions. I changed the eye shape and mouth expression.

Step 4: Crude Balding

Now for the part that makes you or someone else look really  weird. Take the clone tool and start to clone the background over the hair and ears. You can leave the ears but I chose not to because with them there it looks funny. Once you have gotten close to the hair line take the smudge tool and begin to smooth it out. It doesn't have to be very good we will clean it up later.When you are done it should look kind of like this...

Step 5: Paling

Make a new transparent layer above the new from visible. On that layer take your paint brush and select white as your foreground color. Next paint all over the face. Go to the layer opacity and tone it down to the desired effect. Erase the unwanted white. Does it look horrible yet? :)

Step 6: Mouth

Make a New from Visible layer.Now to make the mouth thinner select the smudge tool and smudge white down over the lips.

Step 7: Nose

For the snake like nose all you need is the smudge tool. Take it and pull the skin from the nose down until it looks good. Then drag the nostrils down til the look snake like.

Step 8: Finish It Up

This step is not needed but I believe makes it look a lot better. Take your free select tool and select around your person. Next go to Edit and click copy. Then go to edit and click paste now this creates what is called a floating selection. Click Layer new layer. Now go over to the side and make all the other layers besides the pasted layer invisible. You can make the background any color. I added a lightning stock to mine.

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    GIMP is a free photo-editing software that is almost exactly the same as Adobe Photoshop