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About: Hi, my name is Britt Michelsen, I'm a Chemical Engineer especially interested in Computational Fluid Dynamics. To balance all the theoretical work I like to make stuff in my free time.

Ever since I bought my first bag of sugru (check out this link if you don't know what it is), I've used it for a lot of stuff (fixed my bike, improved a pen, made a custom handle to carry bottle crates or made my shoes more comfortable ...), but for this Instructable I wanted to make something bigger.

In order to exchange room air fast and efficient, I like to open my windows entirely. The problem is, that if I forget to close a door, it slams shut.
Door stoppers are pretty handy, but either boring or expensive. So why not make one?

For those of you that don't know who Kenny is, check out the wikipedia article:

If you don't like South Park how about Mario?

My brother saw the door stopper and asked me to make one for himself with his head. Hopefully I can talk him out of it, else I will for sure post the result.

Step 1: What You Need

  • orange and black sugru, there are three options (EDIT: when I wrote this Instructable, sugru didn't exist in the colour red... Now you can buy it in their shop. I will leave this part, because it shows you how to get colours, that are not available. Apparently their is no more orange sugru. You can get it by mixing red and yellow)
    • use sugru only for the legs and boots, you will need one pack each and orange and red paint.
    • cover the whole body with sugru, you will need about three (5g) bags of orange sugru (you may need more, depending on how sparingly you apply it), one pack of black sugru and red paint for the blood.
    • cover the whole body and make red sugru for the blood, you will need 4 bags of orange sugru, one pack of black sugru and red silicone pigment or colour as well as disposable gloves.
  • flesh, white, brown and black paint, paint brush
  • rubber floor mat, the thinner the better
  • wooden door stopper (or just a piece of wood, check step 3)
  • wooden ball Ø about 8cm - 9cm (if you can't find one check out the next step)
  • Apoxie Sculpt or any type of modelling clay
  • sand paper
  • strong glue
  • a saw, files (If you decide to work with wood)
  • modelling tools (not really necessary but will make modelling easier)
  • box cutter

Step 2: Modelling the Head

I couldn't find a wooden ball in the right size, so I covered an eight cm styrofoam ball with modelling clay.
Make two stencils, one with an eight cm and one with a six cm hole and mark the lines as shown in the pictures.
Use the lines as a guideline to model the head. Remember to flatten the back of the head as shown in the last picture, to give it a better stand. Sand paper will give it a nice finish.

Step 3: Modelling the Body

You can either make the body entirely out of modelling clay or use wood like I did for extra rigidity.
As you can see in the second picture, my legs are 6 cm broad. You can of course use your own measurements. The whole body is about 8 cm long and will later be extended with sugru.

Step 4: Make the Background

I couldn't find a mat without a structure, so I had to cut it away with a box cutter.
You can either make a stencil out of paper or cut the outline freehanded.
If you don't want to make red sugru skip the next step, cover the mat with a thin layer of Apoxie Sculpt and paint the blood stain red.

Step 5: Make Red Sugru

To make red sugru you should wear disposable gloves. You don't need much colour to stain the sugru, just use small amounts and keep mixing them.

Use water to make the applying easier and to smooth the surface.

Step 6: Time for Painting and Sugru

Now you will have to paint all the parts, that you don't want to cover with sugru. You might ask why sugru and not for example orange Apoxie Sculpt. First of all it is flexible, I'm living in a rented flat and I don't want to damage the doors. Second it has a great grip, I've parquet floor and the wooden door stopper never worked well at all and third it is very easy to apply.
Glue the body onto the mat, the only body parts for which you should really use sugru are the legs and boots, everything else can simply be painted.
Start with the orange sugru, let it dry and apply the black sugru (you will have some left, think of a way how to use it before you start, in order not to waste it). Make the outline of the jacket out of a thin string of black sugru, as well as the cords from the hood. Glue the head onto the mat and body, congratulations you made it!

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    2 years ago

    Vraiment génial! Grace à vous j'ai découvert l'apoxie sculpt et le sugru, merci :)) Il ne me reste plus qu'à essayer de le faire :)

    Steve Johnson 12

    3 years ago

    That door stop is so awesome! This brings back memories of being a teenager and watching South Park almost every evening while trying to hide it from my parents and they didn't approve. They didn't even let me watch the Simpsons haha


    4 years ago

    That's so funny


    5 years ago

    Genius. I love it! Thanks for giving me some cheer on a miserable, wet Manchester Thursday.


    6 years ago on Step 2

    what do you mean by an eight centimeter hole is that the diameter? how did you make the eyes are they apoxie or modeling clay?

    1 reply

    Reply 6 years ago on Step 2

    Hi, yes that's the diameter. I used Apoxie Sculpt to make the eyes.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Great! I always thought the idea that kenny was going to have to die in some horrible way was the funniest part of southpark. well done!

    pdu toit

    7 years ago on Introduction

    Hi there! totally AWESOME instructable - I'm in the process of purchasing the required elements to create a You killed Kenny Doorstop - but: would the silicone pigment be fine for tin or platinum cure rubbers? 0o i do not know much about Sugru, using it is still pretty new to me...

    I've found the following silicone pigment samplers for purchase on the web... http://www.smooth-on.com/Silc-Pig%3D-Silico/c1190/index.html (but specifically http://www.smooth-on.com/images/silcpigpalletteforweb.jpg ).

    i'm also considering buying some silk cord (something like http://www.gjropes.com/static/images/main/P3180016.jpg , but from a local retailer) and using the other color pigmentation on Sugru for when I make the doorstop, as I'd rather not use paint. :P

    My question is: Would one of the above pigments be enough to stain the Sugru red? "You don't need much color" is not exactly too specific I'm afraid...

    I am also considering using a rubber ball (8cm diameter) for Kenny's head, as well as getting hold of a block of foam rubber to mold the body and arms out of using a hot-wire cutter (the likelihood of someone stepping on the doorstop by accident is incredibly high where I'll be using it - this way it would be less likely to break - and make Kenny's clothes out of Sugru covered material!)... XD

    You definitely got my vote for this one! :D

    1 reply
    BrittLivpdu toit

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Hi, I'm glad, that you like the instructable. Considering the pigments, I'm sorry I don't know which one would work best.
    I tried using different types of paint to colour sugru here:

    Making an all rubber version sounds amazing and I would love to see the result.

    Considering the amount of silicone pigments I used, it was about twice as much, of what you can see in the first picture of step 5.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    It's awesome !! It would be a nice idea to make some kind of a cup holder, I mean as if the cup were smashing kenny.

    Or a pen holder !! with the pen stabbing his back.

    That would be cool and a nice instructable ;) (if someone does this, please let me know =) )

    2 replies

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    there already maked a a cup holder wich look a like u smashed a man not kenny but still
    and same with the pen holder; made


    8 years ago on Step 6

    Make the mario one want to see it


    I voted for you! Shame you where on the last page of things to vote for because it puts you at a disadvantage. By the way where did you get your red sugru from the official website is way to expensive and theres no red!

    1 reply

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks a lot for the vote, I couldn't wait any longer to publish it, because I was so exited. You can sort by views though.
    I dyed orange sugru red with silicone pigment.