"You Know You Need U Desk"




Introduction: "You Know You Need U Desk"

Hi to all the girls and guys of instructables!
This is my first instructable and i hope you find it enjoyable ;)

My old desk was too small for my needs so i decided to build a new one.
Inspiration came from https://www.instructables.com/id/Computer-Control-Center-a-DIY-workspace-in-prog/  i fell in love immediately :)

Buckle up and lets get to work!

Step 1: Tools and Things

Desk is made of:
                                - MDF board 2.70x2.40 meters
                                - oak and pear wood as a stretcher between board and legs
                                -  wood glue
                                - screws for wood
                                - metal legs, custom built painted white (legs were actually one long tube cut into 7 pieces)
                                - plastic cushions for legs (7x)                       
                                - paint (was the biggest investment besides MDF board)
                                        * base color for wood (WHITE)
                                        * PU base coat for general purposes (WHITE)
                                        * nitro base coat clear
                                        * PU thinner for high gloss
                                        * PU thinner
                                        * non - yellowing PU hardener for high gloss

                                  Color of desk is RAL 6001; http://www.ralcolor.com/

Tools used:
                      - thrust saw
                      - drill
                      - compressor 
                      - polishing machine + paste
                      - grinder for wood (grinding paper of 120 granulation was used)               

Step 2: Building the U

After deciding about dimensions (you can see them in the photo), first thing was to cut the desk. This is where you need the most concentration and proper markings.(*photo)

I didn t do the coloring but will try to describe it.

First was used base color for wood(white) then the base coat also white, then finally thinner for high gloss --- also the color.
Whole process lasted more then a week because of the drying process.

After coloring, desk was polished with machine to get the glossy look.

As for the legs, they were cut to their dimensions, custom welded, painted to white, bought also plastic cushions(*photo)

Step 3: Final Word

After having desk with me for some time now i can only admire it and nothing more :)
It is big enough, pretty, and above all a delight to work on :)

Building cost me around 1550 kn, equal to 265 us dollars, which is more then acceptable.
MDF board cost me around 600 kn and paint also around 600 kn, which was expected.

After having a look on  consumer "counterparts"  i personally think that building your own desk is the best thing, maybe it will cost you more but you will have more durable and sturdy desk. Not to mention that you can build what your heart wants :)

If you have any questions or opinions please ask and write so we can discuss.

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    3 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Im hope your very happy with your desk ,

    Building cost you around 1550 kn, equal to 265 us dollars,, loks good.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks :)

    The only "problem" of high gloss is that you see every dust particle that lands on the desk.
    I have to wipe it every 2 days... :)