You Should Dolphinitely Be My Valentine

Introduction: You Should Dolphinitely Be My Valentine

A banana. Made into a dolphin. Made into a Valentine. This crafty yet, sweet Valentines idea is perfect for anyone who loves animals, bananas, as well as a clever pun! It's easy to create and will make anyone's day. 

Step 1: Supplies

For starters, you're definitely going to need a banana. 

As well as one permanent maker. 

And one pair of scissors.

Step 2: Making the Mouth and Eyes

Cut your banana with a pair of scissors on the end of the banana that has the stem attached. Cut it off and round it so that there is no brown stem showing.  Make a cut that is approximately one to two inches long in the center of the end of the banana. This cut is the mouth of the dolphin. Take your permanent marker and blacken the edge of the mouth to accentuate it. You can add the little cheek dimples as we did to make your dolphin banana look extra friendly. 

Draw an eye on the banana with a permanent marker. Make a small, plain circle or detailed eye with a pupil and lashes, depending on your artistic skills. Place the eye close to the mouth, but slightly diagonally upward.

Step 3: The Adorable Fins

For the side fins look to the picture and plan ahead to where you'll make your first cut. We recommend using a pencil to lightly mark where you'll be cutting. Make sure to curve the fins and make them about 1.5 inches symmetrically  on each side. Both a side and front view of your soon to be dolphin banana is provided. You must be very excited. 

Now take the other end of the banana and just barely snip off the brown on the very end. Once that's cut off, cut small incisions (about one centimeter) on the top and bottom part of the peel. Making those small incisions will help you to peel down to create the back fin. Peel each side about an inch each till you feel it looks perfect for your dolphin-banana needs. 

Step 4: Accessories

So now you have a banana that looks like a dolphin. Feel free to really dazzle this up. We added the heart dish and candy hearts. You can even die your banana pink if you really want to spice things up. We also strongly recommend for you to incorporate the "You should dolphinitely be my Valentine". It really ties it all together. Thank you and have fun making this unique gift!

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    3 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Is the banana in the pictures really a banana? It looks like it is painted wood, plaster or ceramic or something like that -- there seems to be volume around the eyes, and the green coloring around the stem/snout and on the side fins do not look real either. Even a very carefully trimmed stem, assuming you could make it the smooth and perfect, would not have that delicately graded green. Plus the shape and coloring is exactly identical in every single shot -- if it were a real banana the fins would move a bit if you placed a real banana in different settings -- and it would start turning brown on the edges quite rapidly. Can't quite figure out the back fins either. Would you mind showing pictures of this as you cut the banana (specifically the back fins) rather than just the finished product?


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Here's a link to the ceramic piece, for those who want one of these; it's a slightly different version, but close enough...


    7 years ago on Step 4

    Soooooo cute:) Im going to have make one. Great job:)