Your DVD-ROM Laptop Doesn't Work Anymore??Simple Guide to Clean the Optic!




Introduction: Your DVD-ROM Laptop Doesn't Work Anymore??Simple Guide to Clean the Optic!

Today I realized my laptop DVD-ROM doesn't work! Fed up by trying  so many DVD movies cos it seem nothing work at all! But as I could hear the DVD seem tried to read the data out of the disk. This is a good indication that mean the motor part  is still okey. So the only problem was because the optic doesn't want to read. 

How to clean that one!. 
Things you need:
1. cotton buds/soft
2. 100% v/v 2-propanol; you can buy it in drug store! Its far better than extra pure 99% methanol or 99% extra pure Ethanol, here we speak about lab grade. Why propanol is better than 2 others, one because it is difficult to get near pure methanol except you work in chemical labs. and also its neurotoxic! For extra purriss Ethanol, as well. Another one due to the water content. when you have home-use ethanol. The water will make corrosive to the "eye"  of your DVD!!

How to do!
1. Open your DVD-ROM first! and then shutdown your laptop while the DVD compartement is still open. This step is to assure there is no electric in the the laptop which can caused short circuit to the laptop or DVD-ROM
2. Dip the cotton but into the propanol liquid and make it a bit dry by giving some pressure to the neck of the glass. Don't make the cotton buds so wet! It can cost you a problem!
3. Clean the optical part of your DVD by making rotation to the optic, don't press so hard since it will damage the optic as well.
4. Let it for 2 minutes to assure it's dry enough.
5. Close your DVD compartment and turn on your laptop
6. Fingers cross it will success! :D

Thanks for read!

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